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My husband and I are reading a book right now called Awake by Joel Clark. This book is filled with stories. Joel has met some incredible people over the years. And he has had some adventures that a rare percentage of the population would even dream about. In his book, Joel shares his motto: Do it for the story. And that’s what he does. He experiences and then he shares the story.

It’s pretty neat.

And I agree with that. But I would twist that motto slightly for myself and say: Do it for the adventure!


Many people are going through their mundane life wondering what is the purpose? Why are they here?

I am a Stay at Home mom. I change diapers, wash clothes, wipe noses and other holes, homeschool, and attempt to cook dinner each evening before getting the kids to bed at a reasonable hour. And then I wake up the next morning and do it all over again.

Perhaps you do the same.

Or maybe you are like my husband. You wake up, go to work for 8 or so hours, come home, eat dinner, see the kids, put them to bed, go to bed yourself only to have rest to do it all over.

Why are we here on earth doing all of this?

I’m thinking most of us aren’t going to jump into freezing water, ski down the side of a huge mountain, or swing off a crane like Joel did. His experiences are breathtaking and I am enjoying his book, but those types of opportunities aren’t the norm for most of us.

Or are they?

Each morning when you wake up you have been given a gift. You can either do the mundane once more, OR you can see adventure around you. What behavior issue are you dealing with in your middle child? It’s a mountain you can climb! It’s an adventure to figure out what you can do to help her because you love her. Is there a co-worker you see on a regular basis who needs to hear about Jesus? It’s freezing water that is out of your comfort zone! Plunge into it and go through the adventure of forming relationships that allow you to share your faith.

Maybe there is some purpose that is bigger…and scarier for you to do. Perhaps the adventure is too great for you, and you know there is no way you can jump off the platform of a crane that overlooks an entire city. And so you hang onto the edge for dear life until finally you relax, uncurl your fingers, and free fall….

That’s what adoption was for me. I let go and I am on the greatest adventure with Jesus yet! It’s hard. It’s terrifying. At times it is hard to breathe because I feel that the life has been sucked out of me.

But I know that one day I will be swinging freely and screaming with delight because all of us finally made the adjustment to being a family of five. I know that the rope I am holding onto is secure in the One who planned the adventure. He’s not going to let me fall.


And that’s our purpose: to join God in the adventure He has planned for us. Nothing you are doing is mundane if you are doing it for Jesus.

Are you missing your adventure? What do you need to look at differently?

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