Anatomy of a Bible Lesson

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I am privileged to be sharing on my friend Rosilind’s blog Missionalcall. If you remember, she was the guest writer over here a few weeks ago. I hope you will show her some FFS Reader love today!!


I want kids to know that God is real and that the events in the Bible really took place. We aren’t reading STORIES. We are reading about TRUE EVENTS in HISTORY. Once Parents and Leaders begin to think about the scriptures in that way, then teaching the Truths take on a different dimension.

Parents, you can teach your children this way. Let me walk through how I design a Bible lesson, then at the end of this post, I want you to leave a comment telling me what theme, or Truth, you want to focus on with your children in a simple Bible lesson. You can do this!!

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Anatomy of a Bible Lesson


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