Are You as Dumb as a Sheep?

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When I was a sophomore in high school, I tried out for the Junior/Senior Mixed Choir and the ensembles that were a part of it. There were two. One was an all girl’s group (Melodears), and the other was a mixed ensemble (Madrigals). Ever since I had been a freshman sitting in the auditorium listening to them, I had desired to be a Madrigal. THAT was a major goal; and when I saw my name on the list for Madrigals…it was exciting to say the least! And I learned quickly of the rivalry between the Melo Pigs and the Mad Sheep.

1989 Madrigals

Ever since high school I have collected sheep. I don’t collect them as much as I used to because I have a great amount. But they appear on beds and bookcases around my house. Not only was it a fun mascot back in the day, but it reminds me of who I really am. I’m just a sheep and I should desire to listen to my Shepherd’s voice.

Sheep, in reality, are really dumb animals.
They wander off.
They choose to eat bad plants.
They can fall over if their wool is too heavy and cannot turn themselves back upright.

1990 Madrigals

Crazy sheep.

I have to remind myself to listen to the Shepherd. Follow His lead. Allow Him to show me the best grass to eat and water to drink. Trust Him. The Shepherd is not out to get me.

But there is another side to sheep. Back in Bible times, lambs were sacrificed in the temple as offerings to God. The priests would lead them up to the alter, take the knife and slit their throats so the blood could pour out and cover the multitude of sins for the nation of Israel.

If you believe in Jesus and have surrendered your life to Him, then you are a sheep and you hear His voice. That voice leads us and cares for us. But The Shepherd also asks us to sacrifice everything for Him. He’s not talking about material things…He’s talking about US, our very souls.

Do I love my God enough so that I willingly lay everything I am on the alter? Can I be so focused on Jesus that “the mundane pressures and pettiness of life as well as the gigantic trials” are His and His alone to deal with?

 “When sheep are slaughtered, there’s no noise, no bleating complaint. But slaughter a hog and the noise is awful. If we know our trial is for His sake, we won’t murmur or complain. We won’t scream, rant, rave, and carry on like someone who has no power within.”

Once saved, we have THE power of the Holy Spirit in us. This is the same power that raised Jesus from the dead. We are overcomers of anything.

How many times have I acted like a pig and not a sheep?

By the way, if any of my Readers were in Melodears…sorry for the pig reference, but it is what it is.

I just want to be a sheep.

*Quotes are from Lord, Give Me a Heart for You by Kay Arthur

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Are You as Dumb as a Sheep? — 7 Comments

  1. Thank you for that. Ashamed to admit that I have recently reacted like a noisy pig. I learned a lesson in that reaction though. That even though the event was painful God was using it to work good in my life, in my family, in my character and in my faith and walk in Him! Next time I find life to be painful and trying I HOPE that I have learned the lesson well, and will react with a peace that passes understanding, as a sheep who trusts and listens to her shepherd!

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