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If you come to this blog often, then you know my main focus is on creating solid Bible content for parents and children’s leaders. Teaching the word of God is one of my greatest passions.

Excellent Bible Teacher

After I teach a Bible lesson it is not unusual for a child or adult to come to me and say that they learned something, or that they thought I did a great job.

This humbles me.

Because I am nothing.

But God gives all of His children gifts and talents that should be used to glorify Him. {May He forever be praised through me despite my many faults!}

He also calls all of us to edify and teach those who are young in the faith. Many adults balk at this because they claim they aren’t good teachers.

Hogwash. {That’s a Greek term!}

Granted, one of the spiritual gifts is the Gift of Teaching, but if God tells us in Deuteronomy that we are to teach our children all through the day, then there must be at least *some* teaching ability in everyone. God equips those who are sensitive to His leading and willing to obey Him. He also allows people to cross our paths who can help us. Even those who have the Gift of Teaching must practice the craft to become improve.

You can become an Excellent Bible Teacher! It might take time and practice, but you can teach your own children and those of others and be successful.

Yes. You can!

For this subscriber freebie I have put together a practical evaluation you can use to improve your teaching along with some practical advice from myself and a few of my friends.

You can use the subscribe box below, and then please share this freebie on Facebook or other social media so others can be encouraged as well.

Let’s all work together to be better teachers of God’s word this New Year!!



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