Being Pushed is OK

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And Jesus said unto them, “Come ye after me, and I will make you to become fishers of men.”  ~ Mark 1:172933fishing_net

Peter, James, Andrew, and John. They were normal people like you and me.

God used them to turn the world upside down.


Because they were willing to step away from what they knew and try something different – out of their comfort zone.

This is a new year. God wants to use you and me.

I wonder what He would use us for if we were willing to walk away from the known into the unknown and leave our comfort zones.

Obviously He is trustworthy because those men left everything behind. God doesn’t necessarily call us to give up everything…but maybe He wants to see our willingness to leave everything and follow Him.

It’s a change of focus. It’s a casting of our nets in faith…

…and a willingness to love, in Christ, whoever that net brings in.

Is God pushing you out of your comfort zone?

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Being Pushed is OK — 10 Comments

    • There are times I don’t like to cast my net out too far. Things might get messy, you know? But we are called to love people and people are messy. We might as well throw our nets out with wild abandon and see what God allows us to bring in! Wouldn’t it be great to have our nets rip because of all the “fish?” 🙂

  1. I just found your blog tonight, and it really encouraged me. I am taking over as a T & T director in a time of need starting today (about 14 hours from now). A dear friend’s family was called out of our church to another church home. My husband is the Awana Commander, and he is struggling with being overwhelmed at work and the needs of our church that continue to grow. Thank you for the encouragement. I needed it tonight.

    By the way, I take it you are a homeschool mom and I have been there. My kids are older now, and in public school. I have a twenty year old who is now a Sparks leader herself at her “college” church, a sixteen year old daughter who is about to step out of Journey and take my spot in Cubbies as a LIT, and a twelve year old son who is still in T & T. He is a sixth grader.


  2. You just woke up me up! You are so right, this is a new year and God wants to use us…speaking of God sending lightening bolts on another blog, I thank you for being my lightening bolt today and motivating me to yet again step out of my comfort zone. God is sure getting my attention today!

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