The Hamburger of Happiness~ A Beatitudes Object Lesson

Objectives: To list the Beatitudes from Matthew 5:1-12 To recognize that the church behaves differently than the world To recognize that persecution will take place in a Christian’s life Materials: Inductive Bible Study Form; a glass; vegetable oil; food coloring; … Continue reading

Jesus Calls the Twelve Disciples ~ Object Lesson (Hand Motions)

Objectives: To tell events of Jesus finding the twelve disciples {Matthew 4:17-22; Mark 1:14-20;2:13-17; Luke 5:1-11; 27-32; John 1:35-51} To list the twelve disciples by name Materials: fishing rod; fishing net Geography: Galilee, Capernaum Background: It was Passover andJesus went … Continue reading

The Temple and Nicodemus ~ John 2 and 3 {Testimony Opportunity}

Objectives: To list events of Jesus in the temple and His visit with Nicodemus To put John 3:16 into context Materials: candles (I used electric.); bowl of water {for my personal testimony} Geography: Jerusalem Background: After Jesus was baptized, the heavens … Continue reading

John the Baptist and Jesus’ Baptism ~ Matthew 3 and Luke 3 Object Lesson

Objectives: To list characteristics of John the Baptist To state the message and events of John’s preaching and Jesus’ baptism To recognize true repentance Materials: jar of honey (with honey comb would be perfect!); piece of fruit Geography: Jordan River … Continue reading