A Bloomin’ Aloe

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bloomin' aloe

Did you know that aloe plants bloom? Maybe not all of them, but the one on my front porch has now bloomed for the past 4 years. Every year it happens it STILL takes me by surprise. It didn’t bloom until we moved into this house. So I thought I’d share some pictures today because I thought you’d like to see a bloomin’ aloe!


The aloe plant sits right beside my front door. As you can see, the bloom is quite tall!



At the beginning of May, this is what the blooms looked like.


Now they look like this! Fireworks!


This has been a fun plant to grow.

What has been one of your favorite potted plants to grow? Please comment below.

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A Bloomin’ Aloe — 8 Comments

  1. Wow, that’s cool! I’ve got a giveaway going for some air plants, if you’re up for more interesting plant life. 🙂

    • Thanks. I’ve actually been practicing, so that is encouraging. Maybe I’m getting better! LOL

  2. My MIL passed away about 4 years ago and we gave a pretty bowl with six little plants in it for her memorial. It probably originally had some flowers to pretty it up but I don’t remember that part. As those plants grew, I divided them into six pots and they continued to grow. For a long time each of those plants thrived but our winters are tough and inside plants struggle and 3 of them died. The three that are left were struggling through the winter and two of them especially have taken off this spring. They are beautiful…but don’t bloom 😉 Two of them are ivy plants and the other is more like a bush that I call an octopus plant because there are 8 leaves on each stem. That is my story of my plants. 🙂

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