Broken Hearts, Fueled Passions ~ The Series

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Everyone has something that breaks his or her heart. You never know who needs to hear your particular story. Because God has created the church to be a “body” of believers, not every person has been given the same talents, gifts, desires, and passions. This is a huge world and God wants His gospel proclaimed in every street and avenue. There are many streets and avenues. Not everyone can travel to the same ones.

And not everyone has the same “voice”.

Broken Hearts, Fueled Passions The Series

Each person who contributed to this series spoke of differing passions, challenges, and Truths. But all of them follow the same God. Enjoy!


Christ Has Overcome!


The Brokenness Between Performer and Worship Leader


Focus on Students and Young Adults

Bonnie Rose at WriteBonnieRose

It Began With Lent


Being Lukewarm Doesn’t Work

Rosilind at A Little R & R

Mourning into Dancing

Danika at: ThinkingKidsBlog

A Campaign for Biblical Literacy and Discipleship

Heather at: UpsideDownHomeschooling

Leading With Love: 5 Tips for Improving Relationships with Unbelievers


Looking Intentionally


Live Expectantly

Gwen at: ToliversToTexas

Whatever You Do – Don’t Lose Your Head!


Nursing Field = Mission Field

Betsy at: bphotoart

Submission Redefined


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