Are You Doing What You Were Created To Do?

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I’m reading a book right now called Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis. Right out of high school, this amazing young lady left the United States to live one year in Uganda. The rest is history…

Created to do

Yes, Katie is still in Uganda doing wonderful things for the Lord. She is even in the process of adopting thirteen young girls. On page 24, Katie wrote something that really hit me. “I was in the center of God’s will; I was doing what I was created to do.”

The problem that I have with reading books, such as Kisses from Katie, is that I begin to feel guilty. While I am snugĀ  and warm in my bed, she, and other missionaries like her, are sleeping under mosquito nets and leaky roofs. I can go to the store and buy whatever I need, whenever I need it. Others in the world cannot. There are people even in the US who live in poverty and may not have a home or family to go home to.

But I do.

Therefore, the guilt.

Reader, do you feel guilty as well?

Is it possible to have a warm bed, semi-clean house, and healthy family and still be in the will of the Lord?

Yes, I think so.

Because not everyone has the same calling.

Katie is in the middle of doing God’s will and what SHE has been created to do. If I was plopped down in the middle of where she is, and it was not where God wanted me, then things would not go well.

**Think “Jonah” for a moment.**

Jonah tried to run away from God and His plan. Jonah wanted a different calling and things went bad for him. There was an awful storm, his fellow sailors were terrified, and then he was thrown into the ocean only to be swallowed (and vomited up!) by a large, fish.

But once Jonah was back on track where God wanted him, he was successful. He didn’t particularly want to be successful, but he was because he was smack dab in the middle of God’s will. The people of Nineva cried out in their sin for forgiveness to the only God who could grant it.

I desire more than anything to be in middle of God’s will for me, just as Katie does. But God’s plan for me, is not what His plan is for Katie.

God’s plan for YOU, is not God’s plan for me.

Right now I am to be a stay-at-home mom who homeschools her children, including one in the process of adoption. I am to teach my Bible lessons and publish them on this blog for my Readers. I am to do certain leadership activities in my church. And, as God leads, I am to help those who work on the mission field through the giving of money, publicity, or service opportunities.

Up in the first paragraph of this post I called Katie an “amazing young lady.” I have a feeling she would balk at that. Let me rephrase: God is doing amazing things through a young lady who is sold out to Him. I think the desire to be obedient to the Lord is central to being in the middle of His will.

Is God doing amazing things through you?
Are you doing what you were created to do?
Are you using your talents and gifts to glorify the Lord?
How are you giving to others so they can spread the gospel?
How are you spreading the gospel?

Be sold out for Jesus. After talking with Him, go do something radical in His name.

You never know…

An entire city may turn back to the One True God because of your efforts.

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