The Day After Christmas

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All I wanted was a nice, quiet day at home with the kids.

No hustle.

No bustle. {What is a bustle anyway? Do people still wear those?}

I just wanted to give the kids time to play with their new toys, clean the house some, and maybe read a book.



The first tantrum belonged to my son before 9:00am. RB shot Sweet Cheeks in the cheek with HER new Nerf gun. I took the Nerf gun away. And so the day started with a screaming 6 year old on the top bunk with the ladder fallen on the floor. (He did that, not me.)

Once RB finished having his issue, he realized that he had no one to play with. The girls were playing “babies” and he wanted nothing to do with that. So he nicely asked me to play checkers with him.Christmas22013

I won. This equals devastation.

So we played chess.

I won. This equals less devastation because I almost didn’t win, so RB handled that loss much better.

The second tantrum belonged to #3. She refused to put up her new shopping buggy. She became a wet fish, or a noodle. You can choose. So I picked her up and dropped her off in her room to cry it out.

Sweet Cheeks was needy. She was attempting to make something with her new sewing kit that is slightly too old for her. She needed Mama to help her and watch her every. step. of. the. way.

I put ALL of the kids down for naps.Christmas2013

YES! All three slept…because they were exhausted from the Christmas festivities. People, Christmas lights, presents, play, going, coming…it overwhelms me. Try being a 6, 5, or 2 year old.

The third tantrum came from Sweet Cheeks. She didn’t get a book read to her for bedtime because she refused to choose a book other than the one we’d already read ten times this week.

“But it’s my favorite!” she cried as she slid off the couch. {You can think wet noodle again.}

The other two kids were in bed…”Hey Sweet Cheeks, would you please go turn the living room light off? Can we snuggle for a few minutes? or would you rather throw your tantrum and have a consequence?”

The lights went out. In the dark, the multi-colored twinkles from the Christmas tree threw shadows on the ceiling. My girl and I snuggled on the couch.

“May I sing Sunshine to you?” and she nodded.

Maybe tomorrow will be a nice, quiet day, but I doubt it.


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