Do You Worship the iGod?

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I’m not really a tech savvy person. I know enough to get by and I can quickly learn what I need in order to do something new; but for the most part, the ins and outs of computers I leave to my husband.DSC_0015 (2)

Recently my wonderful husband acquired a used iphone at a yard sale. The case is cracked, but the kids have learned how to play Angry Birds, so it must be fine.

I walked in on my husband the other day and found him grumbling about the phone. Some app wouldn’t work. And in addition, the GPS we tried to use while in the UK would only work if we were near a free wi-fi. I’m finding my husband grumbling more and more about this phone because it won’t do what he thinks it ought to do.

Don’t we treat God like that at times? A situation happens that we don’t like, or maybe we find ourselves going through a struggle that seems like there is no end. Perhaps we are convicted of something that we don’t want to let go of. Then the questions, grumblings, and accusations begin because God isn’t doing what WE think He ought to be doing.

We Christians have to be careful, or we begin to worship an iGod. An iGod is our own version of who we think God ought to be. We take our life experiences, our Biblical interpretations, and our wants and dreams and form a version of God in our minds. We “download the apps,” so to speak, which we think are relevant to our lives.

The problem is…our version of God is not God.

God’s ways are not our ways. His thoughts are not our thoughts. We are human. He is eternal and unchanging. We are sinful. He is holy. The scriptures, in their entirety, paint a picture of God that I don’t like some times. He is just. He disciplines those He loves. He hands out consequences for sin. There are also attributes that I adore. My God loves me with an everlasting love. He is merciful and kind. He forgives.

I, like Job, must recognize that I was not there when God created the world. I was not there when God placed the stars in heaven and the sands on the seashore. Who am I to grumble against the God of the universe who could choose to take my life in a moment?

Like the iphone that can crack and break when dropped (or, perhaps, thrown), our iGod version can crack when the sufferings of life hit us. But the TRUE God can handle our grumblings and questions. He can handle our cries of sorrow. Jesus wants us to turn to Him so He can be BIG in our problems.

But we must take God on HIS terms, and not our own. Only when we totally surrender to Him will faith grow.

And when our faith grows, it’s easier to not grumble the next time something breaks.

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Do You Worship the iGod? — 2 Comments

  1. So true. I find it a daily battle to put aside my desires and seek God’s. We are still just so human even though we are filled with the Holy Spirit.

    • It is a battle. And scripture is honest to tell us that Christianity is hard. Jesus promises peace and joy…not happiness. Happiness is found in the Lord, not circumstances. And yet we grumble when circumstances don’t go as we think they should.