DVD Review: JERICHO: The Promise Fulfilled

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My son is a lego maniac! But most of you, Readers, know that already. When I was at the TTD Convention this year I came across a video that I knew RB would love. Not only has he enjoyed it, but Sweet Cheeks and my husband, have watched this DVD enthusiastically!

I received a copy of JERICHO: The Promise Fulfilled ($12.00) to review. The 30 minute DVD is produced by ShatterPoint Entertainment. This company was born through a homeschooling family, the Rondina’s, who needed a creative learning outlet for their children. Researching history and the Bible exploded as stop motion with lego bricks was added to the equation. I have found when teaching children, especially those with ADHD, that using what interests them already to teach educational objectives is a way for success. That is what Wendy Rondina chose to do with her son Anthony, and now they have a family business! Anthony’s sister, Jessica, writes the scripts, checks historical and biblical backgrounds, and even adds her voice as a character.

Now the family has produced three sequential movies. The first two movies can be found on the Wars of Humanity Combo DVD ($12.00). They have also produced the Brick Chronicles – Jericho ($5.00), which is a verse by verse comic book that goes along with the DVD. These products are not affiliated with The Lego Group, manufacturer of LEGO® brand building blocks.

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How We Used The Product:

As soon as I gave the video to RB, he unwrapped it and we watched it. My husband joined in. The video is a lego character version of the story of Joshua and the battle of Jericho. The creators did a wonderful job of mixing in present day culture and humor into a biblical event.

Both children sat and watched the DVD. They even enjoyed watching the extra features which showed bloopers and the technical side of making the movie.

The Kids’ Reactions:

RB: “I like the DVD because it was lego. It is funny when Salmon comes out of the water.”

Sweet Cheeks: “I like how the water is and the sand steps. My favorite part was seeing the people [figures] walk – it is a lot of work! The funniest part is the bloopers and when the kid’s balloon was broken.”

The Husband: “This video has a good balance of comedy. They obviously tried to the true to the Bible. It was good to see them talk about how they worked on the video. I learned stuff. I watch YouTube lego animations and this is professional grade.”


This is a great DVD. My kids have watched it 3 times so far and they have loved it each time. They are seeing scripture in a medium they enjoy creating in themselves. That’s a win-win situation to me!

Overall, JERICHO earns 5 FFS Aliens out of 5 FFS Aliens for homeschool DVD friendliness!

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Pssst: You need to know this –

Shatterpoint Entertainment will be coming out with their “How to Animate” DVD shortly. I was encouraged to tell you to sign up on their email list, as they will fill their email customers’ orders FIRST, before they put it out on their Website. {So you heard it here first!!} Don’t miss that!


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DVD Review: JERICHO: The Promise Fulfilled — 98 Comments

  1. I posted my comment before I saw the question. 🙂 My daughter would like to see the story of Joseph and his brothers.

  2. We spent a lot of time at this booth at the convention and STILL I didn’t buy it. Now I’m wishing I had. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  3. We have the first two of this set and have seen the Jericho trailer and would love to have it too! They’ve done a great job with these! We’d love to see many more – Daniel would be good.

  4. The Bible and Legos, could it get any better?! Not if your a child of mine 🙂 Oops hit send before I was done… I think Daniel and the lions den would be great. Or one of Samson’s feats!

  5. I hope I can post even though I don’t have a blog. I looked at some of the other comments, and I agree-David and Goliath, Esther, Joseph and his brothers would be great! Also Jonah comes to mind.

  6. I am teaching a Faith Builders Lego class at church. The kids are learning about God’s love and I would love to have this movie to show to them! Also, my son, is into making stop motion video’s.

  7. We saw this at the Great Homeschool Convention and thought it looked interesting. Some on a collection of the parables, Feeding of the 5,000, or Jesus Walking on Water would be fun.

  8. We would love to see a lego Elijah and the Prophets of Baal stop motion movie. The prodigal son would be good too.

  9. My kids love legos and lego robotics. I could see them enjoying the movie and it inspiring them to create their own.

  10. The stories of Daniel and his three friends have always been my girls’ favorite. But any story from the Bible would be great.

  11. Wow! This is pretty cool. My 1st grader tried to make his own stop motion Lego movie last year. It was a lot of work, only to learn the software we had just wasn’t up to the task. I’m sure he’d love to watch this.

  12. As far as which other story would be good for Lego stop motion: My son says Noah’s Ark. I say, I’d love to see some New Testament stories, like Peter’s rescue from prison, or Paul’s imprisonment and shipwreck.

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