Every Girl Longs for a Mr. Darcy

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If you’ve been around me or my blog long enough, then you know I am a huge Jane Austen fan with Pride and Prejudice being my favorite novel of all time. I love everything about it: the settings, the characters, the conflicts, the humor. One of my favorite memories in my life is reading this novel beside the canal when my husband and I visited England many years ago.

Mr. DarcyA sweet friend of mine stopped me after church yesterday to give me a book. It was a copy of devotionals based on Austen’s writings. I am excited to read this and see Austen’s writings from a different perspective. (Thank you, friend!!!)

If you don’t know the story of P&P, then I don’t want to ruin it for you. (GO READ THE BOOK!!!) But, after quite a few trials and tribulations, at one point Mr. Darcy says to Lizzy, “Surely, you must know I did this all for you.” Isn’t that what we girls want to hear? Don’t we want to hear our men say, “You are precious enough. You are special enough. You are wonderful enough that I would drop everything I am doing to help you, to be with you, and to love you?”

I’m blessed enough today to have a man who does all these things. I have a Mr. Darcy in my husband.

But there was a time in my life when I didn’t have a Mr. Darcy in the flesh. I was a 24 year old female with no prospects for marriage. (Maybe this is one reason why I can relate to so many of Austen’s leading ladies!) And there were days and weeks when being single was really hard. Feelings of inadequacy and insecurity would well up within and threaten to cascade over the boundaries of my heart.

Then I realized I had my Mr. Darcy. And that I was already fulfilled with everything I needed.

jesus-414397_1280Whether you are single or not, Girls, we have a Mr. Darcy. He came to us two thousand years ago. And He thought of us as He stretched out His arms.

“Surely, you must know I did this all for you.”

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