God’s Wisdom for Mothers: A Mom’s Priorities

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Introduction: So what did you do today? Cook? Clean? Work? How about drive the kids somewhere, or grocery shop, or bandage a skinned knee? We moms juggle many hats in one day. Finding time to be alone with the husband is hard enough, let alone finding time to be with the Lord. So how do we know what things each day we should prioritize?

Mom Time:

We are to –

1) Love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. Colossians 3:23 suggests that we are to do everything, EVERYTHING, for the Lord; and not for man. So everything we do should not be motivated by what others might think, or by the desire for praise for ourselves, but all work should be “from the soul” and only to glorify and love God. This really calls into question my motivation for the things I do. And it also changes my bad attitudes toward things of drudgery. It changes them to an attitude of “I get to do this for God.” No matter how insignificant we may consider something, if we have dedicated that action or decision to the Lord, we may be powerfully used by God and not even know it.

2) Read the Bible. Psalm 119, in its entirety, is dedicated to the law. It speaks on how we should diligently keep God’s ordinances, how we should desire teaching about the scriptures, and we are to not forget the law. The scriptures have been given to us by God for the specific purpose of teaching us how to not sin against our Creator. There is a lot of uncertainty in parenting and knowing scripture “in and out of season” can shed light during hard and dark times. The word of God is as bread and honey to our lips. It’s nourishing. But just as it takes work for a baker to make bread and a bee to form the honeycomb, we must work at getting the scriptures into us. Memorizing and reading scripture takes discipline and will fill up the hungry places in our hearts.

3) Pray without ceasing. How come?

4) Love our Neighbors

What kind of love are we to have for our neighbors? The same kind Jesus had for us: sacrificial; loving in deed and truth; and giving to those in need. Loving our neighbors means putting “skin” on 1 Corinthians 13:4-7.

Who are our neighbors? The author of this study had us read the story of the Good Samaritan and think about it from a mom’s perspective toward her children. Here’s where I struggle: Many times the church pushes and pushes for us to be mission oriented and look for ways to minister to those in our community. I have absolutely no problem with this, because that is truth. We SHOULD have a mission mind set. But after reading this scripture it dawned on me that my CHILDREN are my neighbors. My HUSBAND is my neighbor. Am I choosing to “walk across the road” to be mission oriented with others while leaving my kids and husband in the dust? Am I so preoccupied with my own plan and purpose, my own agenda for life, that I forget that my family might need more of me? My children and my husband are my mission field. They are my neighbors FIRST and then I can look beyond the walls at others. “Loving your neighbor starts with those very close neighbors – the people who share your address.” (pg.22)

5) Praise and Thank God. We are to offer a sacrifice of praise. A sacrifice means something has to die. Something has to be given up. So when you praise the Lord, what part of Him are you giving Him? Are you giving Him your whole heart? Are you caring what others might be thinking? Do you only praise the Lord in church? or do you worship Him with a thankful heart at home as well? Humble people realize that everything (materials, family, joy, love, etc.) they have comes from the Lord – a sacrifice of praise is the total surrendering of ourselves to the dependance of God.

Learning From One Another:

Which priority is the most difficult for you to keep at the forefront of your life? For me, I’d have to say “loving my neighbors” is the most difficult. I am so selfish. I’d much rather curl up with a good book and read than clean house, or cook dinner, or teach school, or go to the grocery store. All of these activities involve others, my neighbors. Talking to people, especially those I don’t know, goes against my personality. But I know that my God requires me to love my neighbors; and so I do my best to love those around me first and put my agenda to the side. Besides, I find that when I begin to make relationships in the Lord, those turn out to be my most treasured friendships. There are many times a day I fail at being a Good Samaritan, but I make a mental note, pick up the pieces, and try again.

Bringing It Home:

Really think about this question: What do you want people to say about you at your funeral? Can you come up with a list of 5-10 things? I urge you to take the time to write down your list. This list reflects what you consider success to be. Now…what do you have to do to make sure this list is true about you?

Just for Fun:

We were to form an acrostic using the words “THANKS” and “PRAISE.”


What words did your family come up with? I thought the vowels were hard!

Discussion Question:

(Please write your comment in the section below so others can add to the conversation and encourage as we learn from each other.)

What has the Lord revealed to you about Himself? What does He want you to do to better prioritize your time?

God’s Wisdom for a Mother’s Heart by Bobbie Wolgemuth (all quotes come from this study)
Raising Responsive Children by Judy Rossi

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God’s Wisdom for Mothers: A Mom’s Priorities — 10 Comments

  1. I loved and appreciate the reminder that while as a mom we wear different hats, that being their mom is a blessing and more important than a clean house (for example). I appreciate having to list the traits in 1Cor 13:4-7 and have made myself truly aware of when the boys talk to me… giving them my full attention, it isn’t always easy (seems like I am always juggling things in my mind) but it is important, what they have to say is important! As their mother – I will be held accountable for how we raise them – sometimes even other parents don’t understand that. I too need to be more faithful in my prayer life – I love #3 where it outlines the “ingredients”: praise/thankfulness, forgiveness, requests and end with acknowledging His power & deserving glory! I didn’t finish bringing it home- but hope to in the next cpl days! I hope I won’t run behind weekly!!

    • You are doing GREAT!!! I too have been convicted to be sure to give my kids undivided attention when they come to speak with me. AND I need to do this with my husband too. I find I need to turn my body from the computer, the sink, the stove, etc and LOOK at them. Then I can look them in the eyes and hear what they are telling me. I want so much to be a mom that my kids can come to…to talk about anything at any time.

  2. You know, in my native language the word “neighbor” means just that – somebody lving next door. But the word “neighbor” the way it is used in the Bible is a different word in Russian, and if you translate it, it means “the one near you.” Makes perfect sense to start with loving and ministering to your family first! 🙂

    • How about that. Wow. Hmm. And I feel so bad because I keep looking “outside” the family for ministering opportunities, and then I ignore, or I’m even “mean” to those closest to me. Ugh. We have to do both. Treat the neighbors within and without the family just as the Lord would.

  3. Loving my neighbor is one of the priorities that I, too, need to work on. This week, as I reflected on the definition of love in 1 Corinthians 13 and how it applied to my neighbors, like y’all, I was struck by my husband and son as being my neighbors—the ones near me (thanks for that nugget, Oksana!) As I tried to put 1 Corinthians 13 in motion with my family, I realized that being “slow to anger” was particularly hard when dealing with a toddler’s concept of time—especially in the morning. But when I made a conscious effort to prepare myself ahead of time, I was able to enjoy the random stop to admire a hole in the ground or run around the yard when trying to corral him in the car so I can get him to day care and myself at work. Also, the story of the Good Samaritan made me realize that my own agenda can easily get in the way of providing mercy—that it can be easy to take short cuts or even ignore taking care of something because it might take too long. As a mom, I need to remember that it is always worth the time and effort it takes to spend time with my family and address their needs, whether for comfort, discipline, quality time, or whatever. As my husband says, “you get out what you put in!”
    Most of all this week, I was encouraged by the reminder that the Holy Spirit intercedes on our behalf ( Romans 8:26). What a great comfort that I do not have to have all the answers or even know the words I need to pray because sometimes, I have no idea where to even start.

    • I love your last sentence. “What a great comfort that I do not have to have all the answers or even know the words I need to pray because sometimes, I have no idea where to even start.” I totally agree!

  4. Pardon this Grandma for being tardy with her reply! I have enjoyed reading your comments. I, like many of you, chose love your neighbor as my greatest challenge. I was surprised when I saw so many of you are also dealing with this. The reason for my surprise is that you ladies are some of the most loving and caring people I know. When I was first considering the study I really wondered if it would be applicable to my “stage” of life, but I felt like God kept nudging me to join the group. Now I realize that whatever stage of life we are in, our children will be watching how we live out our faith. With one child, because we see each other on less than a weekly basis, I need to more diligently pray for opportunities to show him God’s love. For the other, I have a unique opportunity to have some influence as this young adult is still under my roof. And then there’s the grandchild whose only experience with church has been when we bring him with us. When he is in our home I need to be vigilant to be sure that we show him love and attention, and that he hears us give praise and thanks to God for all that is good. After this week’s study my goal is to dwell less on past mistakes, and what ifs…. and concentrate on prayerfully moving forward!

    • Thanks SO much for commenting!! You have so much wisdom that I want to soak up and I never really get to talk with you much. Thanks for joining this study and I think we all have areas where we need to improve. 🙂