God’s Wisdom for Mothers: Being Obedient – And Teaching Obedience

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Introduction: When was the last time you showed your kids that you were being obedient to the Lord? Have you talked to them about the choice you are making? Sometimes teaching by example is the best way to teach. Obedience is for all of us!


The Bible tells us parents to teach our kids to obey and honor mom and dad. “Obey” is through actions. “Honor” is through attitude. A child can be obeying his parents and not be honoring at all. But here’s the thing: We moms need to obey and honor the Lord. Ouch! “Our efforts will be far more effective, however, if our kids see us submitting to God’s authority in our own lives.” 2 Corinthians 3:18 is so encouraging!! You are being transformed! I am being transformed. Into what? A better person and parent through God’s word, the Holy Spirit, and the community of believers. We can teach our kids that THEY can be transformed as well.

In Leviticus 26:40-45, we learn that God is punishing the children of Israel because they have rejected His ordinances and their souls abhorred His statutes. Yet God was still faithful to them because of His covenant with Abraham. We have to keep in mind that our children WILL do wrong. They WILL need to be punished. But we need to discipline with mercy, grace and forgiveness.

God is concerned with our heart attitudes. Jesus was very concerned with the heart condition of the priests and pharisees. He called them white washed grave stones. Do you appear righteous on the outside, yet are dead on the inside? I know that I can put on a “good church-going face” at times, and be absolutely miserable on the inside without anyone knowing. God doesn’t want you and me to just go through the motions of obedience. He wants us to be honest with Him, to come to Him for renewal. He wants to scoop up our broken and contrite hearts and heal them, so we can totally trust Him with all our hearts. Psalm-51-12-restore-me

When you are confronted with your sin, how do you react? I become angry and defensive, and at times, argumentative. And I know my kids have seen me react like this because they are beginning to react as I do. I’m not setting a very good example. I’m so glad King David wrote Psalm 51. Verses 12 and 17 are my favorite!

Salvation doesn’t really “work right” if you don’t recognize your need for a Savior. David recognized his need. We have to realize how heinous our sin is in the eyes of God. Once that sinks in, then loving God grows in our hearts. Most of the time I feel like I don’t love God enough. He’s done so much for me. But the way I show my love is through obedience and loving His statutes. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego amaze me. What a love for the Lord they must have had!! The king could not motivate those three young men to bow down to him, but the God of the universe was able to motivate them to obey Him no matter the cost. What a great example of obedience despite our personal wants or desires!

Learning From One Another:

What Scripture verse was especially meaningful when you came across it?
I wish God had revealed to me Psalm 27:13-14 when I was going through my years of infertility. But scripture is revealed when we need it. Maybe I can pass on these verses to someone else. What was yours?

What blessings of obedience to God have you experienced in your life?
My marriage to a godly man after being single for quite a while; my children; being a part of a growing ministry; my children seem to be thriving in homeschooling. How about you?

Just for Fun:

The study tells us to go make cookies. We’re making cowboy cookies today! Yea!!

Discussion Question/Comment:

(Please write your comment in the section below so others can add to the conversation and encourage as we learn from each other.)

What is one thing this group of ladies can pray for, for yourself or your family?

God’s Wisdom for a Mother’s Heart by Bobbie Wolgemuth (all quotes come from this study)

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