God’s Wisdom for Mothers: Praying For Our Kids

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Praying woman handsBe sure to check out Week 1 – A Mom’s Priorities.

Introduction: Think. What do your kids need from you today? Clean clothes? Dinner? Help with homework? “Are you willing to spend as much time praying for your children as you do making their lunch or reviewing this week’s spelling words?” Let’s get serious about praying. But how?

Mom Time:

I think a lot of you already know many different “formulas” for prayer. I think they are great, but at the same time I don’t like to “legalize” my prayers. The author uses the ACTS approach to prayer. (Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication) You could also use the PRAY method. (Praise, Repent, Ask, and Yield) But no matter which “way” you choose to pray it is through prayer that your heart can turn to God and that He can remind you of Who He is and why He loves you. The Holy Spirit can remind you of the reason why you needed a Savior in the first place and how God is using you to further His kingdom. Prayer gives you the opportunity to thank and praise a Holy God for all of the blessings He has bestowed upon you.

Through confession we can ask to Lord to purify us, blot out our transgressions, and create in us clean hearts. If we have rebelled in some way, then we can ‘fess up’ and get right with the Lord once again. And it is awesome that if we confess our sins, then He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins.

The author had us read the historical event of Hannah and her ability to give thanks after years of infertility. In her thanks to the Lord, she lists reason after reason why we should give thanks to the Lord. Hannah and her story were great encouragements to me during my years of infertility. Giving thanks while stuck in the miry clay can be daunting. But God is good and faithful to those who serve Him. I found that if I could speak words of thankfulness even when my emotions didn’t feel thankful, then bitterness had no room to creep into my heart.

I’d like to hang out with you in Mark 7:24-30 for a moment. You can read the same account in Matthew 15:21-28. This mother amazes me. What do you think of her? She was offered nothing from the Jews and Jesus, yet this gentile woman believed EVERYTHING. Her faith was in Jesus. She appealed only to His mercy. And she was persistent! A mother who changes her child spends a lot of time at Jesus’ feet.

Read Job 38:1-4. What point is God trying to make with Job? I think God is reminding Job that he is a tiny, finite and temporary part of a much greater, everlasting and eternal plan. I mean…how amazing is it that 1) God spoke from a WHIRLWIND; 2) God spoke to Job in the first place; and 3) God is merciful enough to remind His children that we just don’t think they same way He does. God is so faithful and worthy of our trust.

Learning From One Another:mom-child-praying

So how can we daily incorporate praying for our children into the routine chores and events of our lives? In addition to our daily Bible time, I can pray for my kids as I fold their clothes, cook their food, and clean their bathroom. Two years ago, I was given a prayer card for my children. I keep it in my Bible and pull it out during my quiet times. I really enjoy praying through the scriptures on that card for my children.

Bringing It Home:

The author asks  us to choose an object that represents each child in our family. Then, whenever we see that object, we are to pray for that child. Did (does) anyone do this? I’m finding this difficult and a little strange to do. But if it works, then great! Let me know.

Just for Fun:

The author asks us to go outside and enjoy God’s creation. I had the opportunity this past weekend to get away from the family and have a retreat with a few ladies from my church. At one point I went out onto the back deck and sat in the porch swing. It was silent. It was still. It was cold. (and my blanket was inside!!) But I was amazed. God is as real in the quiet times as He is in the storms of life. And I have been given a direct line, through Jesus and prayer, to the God of the universe.

Discussion Question/Comment:

(Please write your comment in the section below so others can add to the conversation and encourage as we learn from each other.)

Please share something new you learned about prayer.

God’s Wisdom for a Mother’s Heart by Bobbie Wolgemuth (all quotes come from this study)

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God’s Wisdom for Mothers: Praying For Our Kids — 10 Comments

  1. My college roommate recently sent me the book “Mothers of the Saints and Saints who were Mothers.” Praying for their children and working to ensure their salvation was paramount to them. Great book!

  2. We are never as good or as diligent at prayer as we should be, but it’s our best and most useful weapon against the enemy. I love the scripture in Job in which he prayed for his kids in case they had done something wrong. He prayed ‘what-if’ prayers for his kids. God is so gracious in our weak offerings in prayer, but he loves to hear from us. he wants us to learn to call on him.

    • Amen! It really is the “practice of prayer.” I love the verses describing Timothy and his mother and grandma. They encourage me to keep on keeping on when there are hard days.

      • Yes, so true.
        Those verses speak of that family spending the time to spiritually feed that young boy. He apparently grew to became shy and timid but also a trusted leader that Paul looked on as his best young leader whom he could trust the most.
        great example of leading a child while he or she is young.

  3. I especially liked the section about praying for your children when you don’t know what to pray. I like the idea of inserting a child’s name into the verses. I didn’t come up with anything to associate each child with as a prayer reminder, but that reminded me of something I did with youth one summer. We had a group picture made and I promised the group that I would pray for each of them by name every day for a year. I put the picture in my classroom and it was a reminder to pray for them daily. Most of them are young adults now, but the picture is still a reminder to pray for them (although I no longer do it daily). I am going to think about strategic places to put pictures of my family at home and school as prayer reminders.
    Last weekend we celebrated my grand son’s second birthday. There was a rather large group of people. My son, who hates crowds and public speaking, graciously welcomed everyone , thanked them for coming, and asked his dad to lead in prayer. This was a great encouragement to me –and I am thankful! The book is absolutely correct —thanksgiving fosters hope!

  4. Don’t have children yet, but I can truly believe I wouldn’t be the same person I am today if it weren’t for the prayers of my parents, grandparents and aunts & uncles. People often ask what my parents did “special” and I would respond…they treat us as a gift, not a burden and constantly sacrifice their energy, time, desires, resources, etc. Above all, they very often take the back burner where they spend many, many hours interceding on our behalf!

  5. I agree Hannah! I think we often overlook the power of prayer. When I was little I remember my mom putting my sister on the school bus, coming back inside, and immediately getting down on her knees to pray for her. We never talked about it, but it was a comfort for me to realize that she was doing the same for me once I started school.

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