God’s Wisdom for Mothers: You’ve Got a Friend

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This week was a hard lesson for me. This hits an area of my life where I have many insecurities. Friendship. It’s something we all treasure, yet when dealing with people, friendships can be the most complicated, messy things in our lives. But it is nice to know that whatever issues we might have with others, there will ALWAYS be One person on your side: God.

Mom Time: Who are your friends?

Abraham is known as “The friend of God.” That is so neat to me. I can just picture Abraham and God sitting under the tree outside the tent eating lunch and talking about all kinds of life issues. The Bible tells us this happened at least once, so the picture in my head isn’t without some truth. And if we have Jesus, if He lives inside of us, then we are considered His friends. He no longer calls us His servants, but His friends. God is your friend. He is on your side. He provides joy (Nehemiah 8:10) and we know that He is in charge of everything (Psalm 139:16). We are commanded to pray without ceasing because God wants constant fellowship with us.

The another person who is automatically on your side is your spouse. What a gift! Do you treat your spouse with the same kindness as you do a friend, or even a stranger? What about your parents?  or in-laws? What do these relationships look like? If they are rocky, be praying over them asking God for peace and restored relationships.

What about your kids? Are they friends to each other? I know that this is one thing I am attempting to teach my own children. I want them to be best friends and to be there for each other. I try to “catch them” being kind to each other, hoping that, over time, those behaviors might stick. This is no small task, which is why we need the Lord’s help every day.

What about other moms? Mentoring is one of the best things a mom can become involved in. If you haven’t found 2-3 older moms to attach yourself to so you can gain their wisdom, begin praying about that. And if you are an older mom, be sure you are pouring yourself into a younger mom who is receptive.


Do you have a circle of friends? Those 1-3 friends you can tell anything to? This is where I have a hard time. Growing up I had a few girlfriends who were untrustworthy and, because of that, I feel I have a hard time making deep relationships with other ladies. I have a hard time trusting them, or realizing that maybe they might actually enjoy being around me. I end up sabotaging the friendships I have because I don’t really believe that anyone would want to be a friend to me. I have been praying for years for one “bosom buddy,” as Anne of Green Gables describes a “best friend.” (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12) Perhaps one day that prayer will be answered. In the mean time, I try to be a friend to the best of my ability to whomever crosses my path.

Finally, the church is one of THE greatest gifts God has given to us. This is where most of my friends are. I look so forward to Wednesday nights and Sundays because I know I will get to serve and worship with my church friends. And if I miss a week, like I did this past Wednesday because Awana took a spring break, I feel so strange and I miss everyone. Going to Sunday School and to Small Groups is a fantastic way to form friendships with others in the church. “Inviting our church family to come alongside us as we raise our kids is a wise and important step.” (107)

God has blessed us with all kinds of relationships over the years. We all need each other!

What are you doing – or could you be doing – to encourage your kids to choose friends wisely?

God’s Wisdom for a Mother’s Heart by Bobbie Wolgemuth (all quotes come from this study)

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God’s Wisdom for Mothers: You’ve Got a Friend — 2 Comments

  1. You are one of my best friends and I which you would believe me when I tell you this and I love you …..I am always here for you as a friend you can confide in and I hope and pray you will always be my friend…..our friendship is a treasure to me….one sent to me by God….love you…my friend…..

  2. This lesson was extremely timely as we had some family issues this week. It is the first time we have had a major problem between our children since they reached adulthood and it really scared me. My first impulse was to reach out to friends in prayer. I sent text messages to my sister and my best friend and an email to the church prayer chain. I did not include details but knew that God would hear the prayers. We had a family meeting and God was present as evidenced by emotions and sarcasm being kept in check, We are still dealing with major issues and if God and my husband were not my friends walking me through this I don’t know how I would cope. Right now things are very strained between my married son’s family and the rest of the family. I was really dreading getting up, going to work, and having people ask about my break. When I got up, there was a note in the chair I always sit in for my morning Bible study. It was from my younger son telling me to have a good first day back at school! Just what I needed! God is good!