Review: Bible Road Trip Curriculum and Notebooking Journals

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I create my own Bible lessons and share them with you, but my kids get FFS lessons for Awana. I’ve been searching for a solid, Biblically based, classical ed-type Bible curriculum to use with my kids while at home.

I’ve found it in the Bible Road Trip Curriculum and Notebooking Journals by Danika Cooley!!

I first “met” Danika when I was a new blogger just starting out. She was still kinda new too, so we read each others posts, commented some, and then two years went by. I knew she had been preparing to publish her curriculum. I kept encouraging her to hurry. After all, my oldest was in 1st grade!

Bible Road Trip

I received a copy of:

Bible Road Trip [Year One] Curriculum: The Books of Law and History {$20.00 per household; $40.00 per classroom}
Bible Road Trip [Year One] Lower Grammar Notebooking Journal (Grades 1-3) {$20.00 per household; $40.00 per classroom}

***The link above states the price for the PDF downloads, BUT she has everything for FREE on her blog if you are willing to download it week by week.***

Bible Road Trip is a three year curriculum based on the classical philosophy of education. So, if you download all three years, then you have everything you need to teach 5 separate levels of study {Preschool-Kindergarten, Lower Grammar, Upper Grammar, Dialectic, and Rhetoric}. This is an EASY way to teach children in different grades because all of the levels are similar, but they have readings and activities on the appropriate grade level.

About Bible Road Trip:

Each year consists of 32 weeks and will prepare your children for a lifetime of Bible study. Let me tell you why.

1) The Bible is used. There are other resources listed that are nice to have, but the main item you need is the Word. The other resources that are listed are quality and many can be found at your local library. (You’ll want your own copies though!)

2) The notebooks teach Bible note taking, critical thinking of the scriptures, and prayer journaling.

3) Scripture memorization.

4) Repetition allows Bible truth to sink into the minds of your children.

5) The word of God never returns void!

How We Used Bible Road Trip:

I love how versatile this curriculum is. I never seem to teach things the way a Teacher’s guide intends. So knowing that I could pick and choose readings and activities was really nice! I chose to not do many of the notebooking writings because I have a son who HATES to write. And do I not want him to hate something when it comes to the scriptures. The kids are still really young, so I pulled from the Preschool activities AND the 1st grade level.

We read our Bible narratives, memorized scripture verses, made 10 Plagues Books, discussed how the Bible is set up, and we even built the tabernacle! What is also great, is that most weeks reflect a DVD from What’s in the Bible? 

We did the readings and memory work as part of our Bible devotion time in the mornings. We usually did one activity a week. When it came to watching the videos, well, I think we’ve watched each one 2-3 times!


I LOVE this Bible Curriculum!! Something that I think is neat, is that over the years, my children are going to have notebooks FILLED with their thoughts about Jesus and who God is. What a treat it will be for them to pull these journals out 5, 10, 20 years later and read what they wrote about Solomon and Samson, David and Paul. Memories are wonderful to  make, but scripture is eternal.

Overall, Bible Road Trip earns 5 FFS Aliens out of 5 FFS Aliens for homeschool BIBLE friendliness!

5 alien awardDanika also has other amazing products you might want to check out:

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