Homeschool Review: The Brinkman Adventures

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They had disappeared.

I went to go get the product for the review and they were gone. Then I heard voices. The kids had taken the CDs of The Brinkman Adventures from the car and were listening to them in their room. I opened the door. The children were sitting quietly on the floor building with legos while the adventures continued. That’s a pretty good review of this product in and of itself, but I’ll tell you more about this so you can get a copy. You will want one!

The Brinkman Adventures

The Brinkman Adventures is a radio drama created by Ian Bultman that focuses on one family’s attempt to help missionaries around the world. We were given The Brinkman Adventures Season 2: Episodes 13-24 (Suggested donations are $25.00 for the CDs and $17.00 for MP3s). As you can see from the cover above, we received 4 CDs with over 5 hours of radio drama. These dramas are wonderful for all ages in a family, but there are a few episodes which might be too stressful for young children, under the age of 10, who may not understand the concepts of child slavery and Christian persecution. These episodes begin with a voice-over telling you to be prepared.

How We Used The Product:

We live out in the country, so it takes us between 15 and 30 minutes to get to town. My original plan was to listen to the CDs in the car whenever we had to travel. For a while it worked. Then the kids got hooked into the stories and, as I said earlier, the CDs ended up being brought inside and stuck into the CD player in their room. We sat on the floor and finished up the series. After that, the CDs were played over, and over, and over again. I’m not sure how many times the kids listened to them, but they have begun to quote certain lines from the show!

After we had listened to the first few episodes, we went online and found the Stories Behind the Stories. The kids and I sat around the computer and read the stories and watched the videos for any of the episodes we had already watched. These extra features online were so much fun! The kids were fascinated! And they sat there analyzing what had been real, how the episode had changed the story, and enjoying the Truth of how God works in the lives of those who serve Him.

There were a few episodes that were slightly intense for the kids. They dealt with child slavery and Christian persecution; and I appreciate how the topics were handled with delicacy, but immersed in reality. My son did not enjoy those episodes because he did not like the fact that there was a realistic bad guy who was hurting children. But RB learned that there are children who are taken from their families and forced to work. That bothered him and we were able to talk about the subject and help him to understand that there are missionaries who are trying to help these children. As for the Christian persecution episodes, those brought about some awareness of how blessed we are to live in a country where we can worship openly.


The Kids’ Reactions:

RB: I liked the Brinkmans. I liked the stories. I didn’t like the slave ones though because of the bad guy and the slaves.

Sweet Cheeks: I want to hear the whole songs when the girls sing! I like that they helped God in many ways. And I want to help God too.

Me: Recently the Lord has pricked my heart about teaching missions and missionaries, past and present, to my children. This series has been a great way to introduce present day missionaries and topics that I was leery to bring up with the children. These have been great, and I plan on buying the first series for my son for his birthday. Shhhhhhh!


I cannot express to you how amazing these radio dramas are. You just have to listen to them.

Overall, The Brinkman Adventures earn 5 FFS Aliens out of 5 FFS Aliens for homeschool FAMILY awesomeness!

5 aliens

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Homeschool Review: The Brinkman Adventures — 6 Comments

  1. I liked how you put it: “God pricked my heart…” He does that to me too on numerous topics. I just never heard it put that way. Pricking the heart expresses it so well. 🙂

    • Sometimes we just need that little nudge, don’t we? He is so good!! Thank you so much for stopping by!

  2. Our family just recently got a free CD of the Brinkman Adventures for attending a MFW curriculum expo and the kids LOVE IT! I told my husband it’s like Adventures in Odyssey for the homeschooling, mission-minded family!

    • I agree!! I now have Season one, and I can’t get my son to allow me to listen to them! They might need to “disappear” for a while……

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