How to Host a 6 Year Old’s Military Themed Birthday Party

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It happened.

My son can no longer be considered as a preschooler, but as a young boy. I can’t believe my Miracle Baby is 6 years old! Where does the time go?

So RB wanted a Military Birthday Party. It was a fun theme.

Here is what we did:

1. We kept it simple and as cheap as possible. For past birthdays I’ve been more frivolous, so this was a good challenge for me. Simple table cloths, balloons, homemade cake with ice cream, and small goody bags. Nothing stressful.

military birthday party




2. Costumes! Who doesn’t like a good costume party?!? This was the first party we had where even some of the adults dressed for the theme. I must admit though, that my husband is the world’s best birthday party costume person.

You know you can't see him if the light is JUST right.....

You know you can’t see him if the light is JUST right…..


3. Instead of spending money on decorations, I went with fun activities. The word “military” conjures up images of dirt, and sweat, and exercise, and obstacles. So that is what we did. All of the kids allowed for their faces to be camouflaged. We then lined them up for Physical Training. I am blessed that my nephew used to be in the Coast Guard and he was willing to play the part of “Drill Sergeant.” After warming up, the kids went through the obstacle course.

military birthday party


military birthday party






4. We focused on service. The whole point of having a National Military is to protect the people of the nation and her allies. We should be thankful for those who are still overseas sacrificing for peace. Therefore I had the kids draw pictures for an army unit that is stationed in Kuwait. Instead of gifts, the kids brought items for a care package to send with the pictures. I don’t know if the kids “got” what I was after, but maybe if they receive a note back from a soldier (I had set up the pen pals in advance) then maybe they will see that a real person received their gifts and pictures.

military birthday party



5. We had fun…at least I did. I enjoyed watching the kids try to march. Hilarious!

And now my boy is 6. I wonder what birthday party he will have next year? If I know him, he’s already thinking about it!



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How to Host a 6 Year Old’s Military Themed Birthday Party — 6 Comments

  1. I love seeing your birthday party posts. You need a section just for them so I can referred to them for ideas 🙂 Obstacle course & care package – great ideas.

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