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Clay Writer (aka Doug) has been a faithful follower of FFS and I am happy to introduce him to you! He has many years of experience with Children’s Ministry and has published his first book. Be sure to visit his blog and read about his recent trip to Africa. It will bless you! Enjoy!  ~ FFS


For most young men attending college in Southern California the ‘party-life’ was as natural as breathing. You went to school, studied sometimes, worked whatever job you could get and went to parties.

Me; well I was shy and avoided those challenging social encounters that most people my age considered to be important.

I was a Christian. I knew there were drinking, drugs, and other enticing things, (girls) at parties that probably would lead to trouble. I chose to say no whenever I was asked to attend a party.

This time was different. This party was going to be at the beach at night.

I loved the beach. I felt as comfortable in raging surf and ten-foot breakers crashing over my head as any other place. If I felt uncomfortable at the party I could jump into the surf and ride some waves. I decided I would go to this beach-party.

God told me not to go.

I felt a strong premonition and urging from the Lord that I shouldn’t go.

I ignored it and got in my little Fiat and headed towards the freeway.

I was nervous about the feeling of doubt. I knew I shouldn’t go, but what could go wrong?

I turned onto the on ramp of the freeway. I looked to my left and saw the large tractor-trailer moving fast in the slow lane. I knew my quick little fiat could get the speed up to pass the truck. There was plenty of room to maneuver past. The driver of the truck never saw me. He began to make his exit. We were both moving fast and I was out of room and choices. He was bearing down on me quickly. I swerved off the on ramp and saw the concrete pylon holding up the overpass. I turned sharply back onto the freeway; and lost control. I saw one of the sets of duel-axle wheels coming right at me. I ducked my head, held as tight as I could to the steering wheel and braced for impact. My car was in an uncontrolled spin. It slammed into the tires of the truck.

I remember my prayer during the crash. “Father, I don’t mind dying, but please don’t let me be paralyzed.”

I survived, but my car didn’t. Later God led me to help a young man who was paralyzed; more lessons to learn.

I am still learning to hear the voice of God.

Proverbs 15:31 “The ear that hears the reproof of life abides with the wise.”

God considers us wise if we listen to his gentle or sometimes more forceful nudges.

I will boast in the Lord!

I contribute to two blogs: http://ddclaywriter.wordpress.com and also http://kidmincoach.wordpress.com

Clay Writer


Do you have a story that boasts of the Lord? Please consider sharing it and encouraging others. You can comment below or email me at: future.flying.saucers@klopex.com.

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