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I’m excited to introduce my friend Lexi to you! She reviews curriculum for the TOC Review Crew as well. Be sure to click on the link to her blog at Lextin Academy and visit her. Here is her boast in God! Enjoy!  ~ FFS


Have you ever looked back at a situation and seen God at work through it, but at the time you thought you might never survive?  Well, I know I have.  I can boast in God in that He has taken me from a place of worry, despair, and fear and given me a ministry.  Isn’t it amazing how He works?!

In 2009, baby #3 was born.  Within a few weeks, I noticed that our little baby “Bee,” didn’t look so good.  She was starting to look sickly and was covered in a full-body rash.  For the next six months I visited more than 15 different doctors in two states trying to understand why she was covered in rashes, didn’t sleep, wouldn’t eat, lost developmental milestones, and was rapidly losing weight.  Absolutely nothing helped her.  We were a totally miserable pair-one sick little girl who fought weekly staph infections and one sleep-deprived, worried mom.

When Bee was 7 months old we got an answer.  She had severe and extensive food allergies.  I was relieved to have a definitive diagnosis but was completely overwhelmed.  I couldn’t even pray; I didn’t know where to begin.  Those lab results began our journey into the world of food allergies, crazy cooking experiments, eczema treatments, immunologists, Epi-pens, and constant worry.

I think about those early days often.  I’ve cried over our journey and I’ve praised God that He has brought us through.  Today, Bee is still highly allergic, but we’re slowly learning how to manage her allergies.  She is free from eczema for the first time in her life.  I’ve learned how to cook to accommodate her needs.  All of our family has been educated about allergies.  We have family and friends who cheer us on and pray for us.  I learned some important lessons in trust, hope, and perseverance.

Nahum 1:7 was and still is my mantra:

“The Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble, and He knoweth them that trust in Him.”

Through our experience God has placed a ministry in my lap.  I’ve begun blogging about our allergy-free life and its challenges.  I’ve been able to connect with other bloggers and parents across the country who are struggling with multiple food allergies.  I have been able to encourage them, educate them, pray for them, and empathize with them.

I can’t say I’m thankful for the food allergies but I’m thankful that He is faithful to carry me through a time of crisis and then put me in a position to come alongside others in their own crises and point them to the One who can comfort and heal.  He’s just that good!  I will boast in the Lord!

 Here’s our allergy girl today….

Lexi blogs about their allergy free life at Hives in the Kitchen and chronicles their homeschooling adventures with 5 small children at Lextin Academy.


Do you have a story that boasts of the Lord? Please consider sharing it and encouraging others. You can comment below or email me at: future.flying.saucers@klopex.com.

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