In God I Boast ~ The Power of Prayer

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If you happen to remember the review I did on the Homeschool Planner, then you will remember the beautiful work of Jennifer who blogs over at Godly Glimpses. I’m excited to feature her as our “In God I Boast” guest writer today! I hope that you will prayerfully read her article and then leave a comment for her down below. Enjoy!!

Let’s boast in the Lord together!!

boast in God

We have experienced the power of prayer many times in our married life.

Our desire to have children and being told we may not be able to. Then, finding out that we were finally pregnant with twins and praying for them to both be born healthy. Praying through a second pregnancy with our third child. Praying through my mom’s sudden brain surgery. Praying through a move to a new city…..and the list goes on. Prayer has always been a big part of my life, a very important part of my life.

From the moment we had our twin boys and our daughter, we began pouring the love of Jesus into their lives and teaching them to pray and praying with them from the beginning. We have always told them how important it is to pray and that when we seek God, He always hears us! Always.

Jeremiah 29,12But, like anything else with parenting, you pour and pour and pour…..and pray that it all stays in!

Then, you get those jewel moments, when you see your children do exactly as you had hoped for! You see God at work in their little hearts! You get to see the seeds you have sown turn in to fruit…..

An ambulance passes you buy and you hear those little voices praying for the one that is hurt.

You put lunch on the table and someone says, “we need to thank Jesus for our food!”

You are having a horrible school day and one of the children says “Momma, I know what is wrong, we forgot to pray before we started school today!”

A child knows he has done wrong and hurries to his room to pray for forgiveness.

You see a homeless man on the streets and that child prays for that man for months.

You hear your children begin praying scripture.

…..and just last night, as I was laying on my 3 year old’s floor with her before bed time, she decided to hop on my back. It literally took my breath away and I was afraid to move for a moment. No one said a word, and one of my boys hit his knees beside me, laid his hand on my back and started praying. I don’t know what made me want to cry more, the pain or his actions. I was a proud momma!

Seeing and feeling God in action is a pretty profound feeling…….but seeing it in the lives of your children, is even greater!

Because of the power of my God, and love, and grace, and mercy He shows me everyday, especially when I really mess up as a mother…….




Jennifer is the very blessed wife of a wonderful man and the mother to three fabulous children (twin boys and a daughter). You can find her blogging over at where she shares a glimpse in to her daily life (about her homeschooling experiences, spiritual living, crafting and recipes!) You can also find her on Facebook and Pinterest!

How have you seen God working in the lives of those around you?


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In God I Boast ~ The Power of Prayer — 3 Comments

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  2. Awesome! My pastor’s wife was talking about how she knows she can’t do it all in the church. If it wasn’t for Jesus’ help, it would be impossible. Being a mom is the same way. We can’t be everything to everyone in just the right way. Thank God, He takes our feeble efforts and does amazing things in our families anyway. 🙂

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