Is God Your Co-Pilot? I Hope Not

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Have you seen those bumper stickers? “God is my co-pilot” they say. What does that really mean? I got to thinking about this the other day. Have you thought about it? “I’m in the driver’s seat, but you, God, can sit beside me and watch what I do.” Or maybe: “Don’t be a backseat driver, God. I know what I am doing.”

Why not put God in the pilot’s seat and see what happens:
“Take my yoke upon you and learn from me…” ~ Matthew 11: 29a

A yoke is placed on oxen so the driver can direct their paths. We are invited to take Jesus’ yoke upon us. It’s a choice. We don’t have to. But if we do take the yoke, then God is the Pilot. He steers.

It seems to me that scripture says I should act more like a flight attendant than the pilot.

While God is flying the plane, I should be watching the other passengers and serving them. Maybe I can take them something to drink or eat. Perhaps give them a pillow for their head and a blanket to keep them warm. The flight attendant makes sure that the plane is stocked and ready for flight. It would be terrible to be in the middle of a flight and not be ready to take care of the needs of the passengers.

An important job of the flight attendant is to make the passengers aware of the exits in case the plane goes down. There is always a way out of danger. The attendant models the correct way to use the equipment, for if she used it incorrectly, she might be responsible for the possible death of a passenger.

The flight attendant must be knowledgeable about flight specifics such as possible layovers and the final destination. If a passenger was to ask a question, she must be ready and unashamed to give an answer for what she knows to be true.

There are times when it is safe for passengers to use technology, but during take-off and landing, a flight attendant will inform the passengers that such devices need to put away so they do not disrupt the communication between the Pilot and the tower. If communication is cut off, it is possible that information could be missed. It is better to know what trouble might be ahead so it can be avoided.

Flight attendants listen to the Pilot and then reiterate the message to the passengers. At times the Pilot might speak directly to the passengers.

If children are on board the plane, a flight attendant might personally introduce them to the Pilot. And what fun that is!

As passengers disembark, a flight attendant will speak to each passenger with a smile, help when needed, and wish them well on the rest of their journey. She will check with the Pilot to see if there is anything else to do for this flight. If not, then she will rest and then prepare for the next flight.

I’m sure there is more to being a flight attendant. But these were my thoughts as I considered this bumper sticker.

Has anyone seen the bumper sticker that states “COEXIST” with the different religious symbols?
I won’t go there.


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Is God Your Co-Pilot? I Hope Not — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you Future Flying Saucers what a wonderful allegory, I loved it and yes it is very True and we need to take it to heart.

    Have you ever been in a plan that is in trouble, I have and the Flight Attendant was quick to remind us and warn us what not to do and what to do and you can be sure we listened, there were no smiles just firm instructions and yes reassurance from the Pilot that he had everything in control and the Flight attendant helped us remain calm and not panic.

    I wonder if Christians are as ready to listen to Godly instruction and advice or do they wait till we are in trouble before they take notice, or do they even then take notice, lets hope they do but to understand God’s Instructions or guidelines and yes even Him, we need to ask for His wisdom, I will leave a link for you, the Truth in the Scriptures given prepared me for what was needed to assist God my Pilot… thank you again F.F.S, He is indeed a wonderful, uplifting, Trustworthy, reassuring Pilot giving guidance and equipping me as I fulfil my role as Flight Attendant and He never aborts the flight or leaves me on my own to fly it alone.

    Blog Post

    Christian Love from us both – Anne

    • Thank you for your comments! We do need wisdom and plenty of communication with the Pilot. And you are right…He never leaves us alone to fly it alone. I think I have tried many times to jump out of the plane!! Thank goodness for His parachute of mercy. 🙂