Jesus Was a Little Kid Too ~ Luke 2:25-52

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Jesus in temple


  • To acknowledge that Jesus was human and was a child
  • To state that Jesus grew in wisdom, and in stature, and in favor with God and man

Materials: board to create timeline {make timeline as you tell the story}

Geography: Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Egypt, Judea, Nazareth

Background: Jesus was born in Bethlehem. The angels appeared to the shepherds. The shepherds went and worshiped Baby Jesus. What happened next?

Main Events of Luke 2:25-52:

There’s a song on one of my kid’s CDs called, Jesus Was a Little Kid Too. It’s strange to think about Jesus being a little kid, but He was. There aren’t very many verses in the Bible that tell us about His childhood, but the ones we can read must be important. There are three main things that happen in Jesus’ childhood.

1) Simeon – After Jesus was born in Bethlehem, Mary and Joseph had a visit from the shepherds. Eight days later, they were in Jerusalem to present the Baby to the temple officials as was the custom of the day. While they were there, an old man came up to them. His name was Simeon. He was a righteous man and devout to the Lord. The Holy Spirit was with him. In fact, the Holy Spirit had impressed upon his heart that Simeon would not die until he saw the Lord’s Christ. Can you imagine what Simeon did every day? I wonder if he went to the temple searching and seeking. So when he saw Mary and Joseph, Simeon broke out into a blessing! “My eyes have seen your salvation!” he said.

2) Anna – During the same trip, a prophetess named Anna came up to Mary and Joseph. Anna was a widow and she had dedicated her life to the Lord. She never left the temple. She served day and night. When she came up to these new parents Anna gave thanks to God.

The scriptures say that Mary and Joseph were amazed by all of this. Can you imagine?

Let’s go through everything that has happened:{use timeline, if you haven’t drawn it yet} an angel announced to Mary she’s going to have a baby; an angel told Joseph to marry Mary anyway; they go to Bethlehem and the Baby came; Shepherds appeared out of nowhere and told the parents they came to worship their Baby because an angel told them to; and now two different strangers have come up to them in a busy temple and blessed and thanked God over their Baby.

Can you imagine? And that’s not all!

At some point the Magi visit. Gold, frankincense, and myrrh are given.
Then an angel appeared to Joseph again and told him to take the Baby and the mother to Egypt because King Herod was going to try to kill the Baby.
An angel appeared AGAIN and told them to return to Israel because King Herod had died.
They travel back to Judah, but are told in a dream to not go there, so they move to a little town called Nazareth in Galilee.

3) The Temple – Every year for Passover, Joseph, Mary, and Jesus traveled to Jerusalem for the festivities. When Jesus was twelve, something different happened. It was time to leave Jerusalem and Joseph and Mary left with the group of people assuming Jesus was somewhere in the group. After a day’s travel, they realized He was not with them. They turned around to find Jesus. After three days they found Jesus listening and asking the teachers questions. All who heard Him were amazed! Mary came up and asked, “Son! Why have you treated us this way?” Jesus replied, “Why were you looking? Didn’t you know I’d be in my Father’s house?” Isn’t it just like Jesus to answer a question with a question! He does that ALL throughout His ministry.


Then there is this great verse: Luke 2:52! “And Jesus grew in wisdom, and stature, and in favor with God and man.”

What does it mean to grow in wisdom? [Not just head knowledge, but able to use knowledge and discernment in order to make solid decisions.]

What does it mean to grow in stature? [Grow taller and older.]

What does it mean to grow in favor with God? [Without faith, we cannot please God. So to please God, our faith in Him must grow.]

What does it mean to grow in favor with man? [Showing the fruit of the Spirit on a daily basis.]

Life Application of Luke 2:25-52:

How old are you? Are you growing like Jesus? No matter how old we are, we should always be striving to grow in wisdom and in favor with God and man. We can’t really change how tall we are, but we can change how healthy we eat and how much exercise we get.

Jesus was a special little kid, but all kids are special. God has given each person a specific task to do and we don’t have to wait to be grown up to do it! Kids can do amazing things for God if they allow Him to work through them. In fact, God tells people to come to Him with the faith of a child. It might be that God can use kids more than adults at times!

What Truth did you learn from this lesson?

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