Learning from a Rock

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I took the kids to the park this afternoon. It’s a beautiful day! The two of them played on the equipment while I walked around the play area. Then we went on a “hike” on the nice walking trail.

As we were walking, there’s a sweet, little creek that meanders around the walking trail. It’s the perfect size for preschoolers! And Sweet Cheeks was absolutely enamored with it.

“Mama! What a nice creek God made!”

Sweet Cheeks

And then she broke out with this: “Thank you God for making this creek!”

And she continued…in song to thank the Lord for this creek that we were enjoying.

“Come on Mama! Join in and sing with me!”

“But baby! I don’t know your song.”

“But sing with me!”

We continued to walk and I didn’t sing. We rounded the bend and the kids wanted to find a rock to take home. Normally I wouldn’t have allowed it, but I thought, eh…why not?

We found a shallow section and the kids crept down and searched for THE rock.

Sweet Cheeks found one and scrambled back up the bank. RB soon joined us and off we went to walk back to the van.

“Mama!” said Sweet Cheeks, “God made this rock!”

“Yes He did. And you know what? He knew you would choose that rock today. He made that rock especially for you.”

“Oh! Thank you, God, for this beeeuuutiful rock!”

I am so humbled. How often do I show complete, utter amazement and gratitude for what God does in my life? The longer I have children, the more I understand the verse unless you are converted and become as little children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven. (Matthew 18:3)

Psalm 33 tells us to “Sing for joy in the Lord…Give thanks to the Lord…Sing praises to Him…AND sing to Him a NEW song.

I get it, Lord. I get the lesson. And next time, I’m singing whether I know the song or not.

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Learning from a Rock — 6 Comments

  1. Your children are so blessed to have a mother like you! May God continue to keep them and guide them. I remember taking my grandsons on a nature walk and all they could find was rocks. I pointed out ferns, acorns, spiders, but no way! Nothing was more interesting than rocks. That day they learned the song “Jesus is the rock of my salvation”, but nothing about nature.

  2. Aren’t children just the best teachers we have? I love reading what you write. I get where you’re coming from. You always bring me a good word and I appreciate that so much. Sandy

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