LEGO Birthday Party Fun

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As you Readers know, my son LOVES LEGOS. So it made sense to host a LEGO Birthday Party for RB as he turned 7 years old. Remember, I don’t do anything that costs too much, but I do want the kids to have as much fun as possible!

LEGO Birthday Party

This year we did a party and asked all of those invited to bring their bikes. We live on a cul-de-sac, so after we ate food, the kids went for a ride before the opening of gifts. It worked well!


I found several sites on Pinterest that had nice ideas. I’ll link you to those as I show you what I did with them.

1) LEGO Photo Area: I enlarged the mini-figure picture I had for the kids to color. I drew it, painted it, and my sweet hubby cut out the hole for the face because I was too nervous! I was VERY blessed to have a friend who had hosted a LEGO party last year for her son who saved the large legos that she had made.



2) Printed Out Coloring Sheets: I found some cute coloring sheets HERE, and HERE. I also found a sweet banner that was free. You just print out the letters and then display them however you want.



3) LEGO Cake: After searching for THE perfect LEGO cake, I allowed my son to describe to me what kind of cake he wanted. He told me he want a road with green parks on either side. Then I allowed him to decorate the top however he wanted. I thought he did rather well! If you look closely, you can see the hotdog vendor on one side and the lemonade stand on the other. Complete with venders and customers!

I put my cakes on a wooden board covered with aluminum foil. So I covered the wood and then I made 2 square, and 1 rectangle, cakes.







4) LEGO Museum: I had RB design and set up a LEGO museum for his friends to see and play with. Some of the creations he didn’t want bothered (as you can see by the sign). But the ones on the LEGO table were manipulated by friends.


5) Party Favors: I decorated the table with bright colors which included the party favors of bubbles and lego candy.


THE DAY of the LEGO Party:

6) Utensil and Crayon Holders: I had RB use the large LEGOS to make holders for the forks and the crayons on the coloring table.


7) Have FUN!!!





 I think they enjoyed the cake!

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