Lemonade Stand for Sale

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A few friends of mine and I ran a yard sale this morning. It was a lot of fun and we made some decent money. I thought it would be a great school activity to have the kids manage a lemonade stand. This was our first time doing this, so I wanted to try and “do this right,” even though the kids are 5 and 3 and probably don’t care.

So we started out talking about investing. Each kid invested $8.00 into the lemonade stand. They decided what type of lemonade they wanted and then the goodies they wanted to sell.

We went to the local Dollar Store to buy supplies with their $16.00. They decided to get: lemonade, 2 types of brownies, packs of crackers, and Little Debbie oatmeal pies.

The kids worked together to make the sign for the table and to make the brownies.

Watching the cookie dough mix for the chocolate chip cookie dough brownies.

Brownie vision

Their sign. I had to white out a few mistakes….

We were set. I invested $3 into the business so they would have change.

So…they need to make $19.00 to break even.

Today, the sale went well. We had almost constant people coming and going from our location. RB was a fantastic salesman. He’d yell out, “Lemonade, Get your lemonade over here!” And then proceed to tell the prices for everything.

In action

When we got home we counted the money they made.

They broke even.

And had a profit of 20 cents each.

At this point we are selling the lemonade business.

Any takers?

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Lemonade Stand for Sale — 8 Comments

  1. O how sweet…l would have bought lemon.lemonade from them….sorry did not know….but they will always remember, I did this when I was little too…..

    • RB says he didn’t like it because he had to stay at the table. LOL! I say, he got to see what responsibility looks like. 🙂 I think he had more fun than he thinks he did. It was fun to watch him persevere. He stuck with it. He didn’t give up. That was a lesson I didn’t anticipate.

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