Lessons Learned from a Pie in the Face

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It seemed like a glorious idea. Our original idea fell through the cracks and never did seem to work out, so at the last minute we had to change the reward. And pies it was.

Let me back up a minute…pie2

My Awana kids are working on raising money for the Southern Baptist World Hunger Fund. They’ve been collecting money since January and for certain dollar amounts brought in, I would add animals to our barnyard so they could see how much they had brought in. They’ve added chickens, ducks, rabbits, and bee hives so far. So when March came around, the other Commanders and I wanted to increase the motivation a little and have some memorable fun.

pie5Original idea: Kiss a Pig!
It’s a barnyard theme, right? So it would make sense to have the Commanders each kiss a pig. So for each $50 brought in, a Commander (there are 4 of us) would kiss a pig. In three weeks we raised $150, therefore three of the Commanders would be kissing a pig the next week. (I make Commander #4. I was in the clear…) The first pig we had set up to come to the church had transportation issues. Then the second pig we found ended up getting sick the day before the kissing was to commence. So what should we do?

Last Minute Idea: Have Pies Thrown in Our Faces!
So while brainstorming on the phone with one of the other Commanders, we’ll call her Mrs. B., I laughingly said, “Well, we could always have pies put in our faces.” And Mrs. B ran with the idea and so here are the lessons learned from my involvement in such an event.pie1

1) I make good pie in the face pies. I had people tell me how good the pies were. (Yes, others ate some of the pie as it fell off of us…gross, I know. But when you’re in the moment, not so much.) I took graham cracker crusts and put a tub of Vanilla Cool Whip in each one. (Not regular Cool Whip, but Vanilla) That’s it. They were tasty and only cost $2 per pie since the crusts and tubs were on sale. I figured if I was going to have something smashed into my face, it should at least taste good.

2) Take the time to set the stage. I didn’t do this and I wish I had. Make sure you have a large enough area for a mess and “moppable.” Have a REALLY big drop cloth. Ours needed to be twice as big. Set up a table by the pie throwing area to nicely display the pies. Mine were sitting in a bag. Not very exciting and not very easy to get to. Also, be sure to fold down the metal siding of the pie tins so they don’t scratch anyone in the face.

3) Be prepared to get messy. Be sure to have pony tail holders, take off jewelry, take out contacts, and perhaps put in some ear plugs. And have all of this done BEFORE stepping into the pie throwing area. Two of the Commanders did put on trash bags to keep their clothes cleaner, but they conveniently were pulled off by yours truly. If we’re going to do this, we might as well get messy! With that said, be sure to have extra clothes and a place to rinse out hair afterwards.

4) Be organized during the pie commencement. I failed here. We were very disorganized. Everything turned out ok, but next time (if there ever is one) I will be sure to think through the pie throwing time. We had 5 people who were to be hit in the face. (Yes, $50 was raised for me and another $100 raised for one of our pastors!) We were going to allow the Awana Directors have the honor of throwing at us. It never crossed my mind that people would refuse to do so! Be sure to find the “throwers” ahead of time instead of in the moment. We did have an MC of sorts, but he should have had a microphone in order to be heard over all of the excited chatter. Mr. C agreed to be my “pie thrower,” which is quite humorous to me. Not only is he my Sunday School teacher, but I think he may be one of the most loyal readers of this blog!!

5) Take a LOT of pictures. I had a sweet friend who graciously used my camera to take pictures for me. We took before, during, and after pics. They turned out well and will be great memory keepsakes for laughs in the future.






6) Make sure that all kids can see. The older kids got in the way of the younger ones. We probably should have had all of the kids sit down so there wouldn’t have been as much movement.

pie387) Be aware that your own kids might get upset. Both of my kids, and Mrs. B’s, became upset and cried when pies were thrown into our faces. All four of them are 2nd grade and younger. I tried to prepare my children before the event, but they still got upset that mom was “attacked.”

8) Organize a clean-up crew. Once the pies are thrown, you will be out of commission and cannot touch anything. Have 2-3 people scheduled to help clean up the mess. Be sure to have many plastic bags for dirty clothes and shoes. Have towels for rinsed out hair. Have a trash bag for empty pie tins.

9) Be warned: Cool Whip pies are oily. Not only are they oily, but will make your hair nice and stiff.

In the end we raised $300 in one month for World Hunger, had loads of fun, and made memories for many people. I think it was worth it!


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Lessons Learned from a Pie in the Face — 9 Comments

  1. So glad you finally admitted that this was your and B’s idea…….lol……fun but next time i will take a mud pie…..no oil…..the kids loved it and it was for a very very good cause…WORLD HUNGER…..also remember to take off your shoes and socks…..pie crust stuck to my socks like dried poop…..lol……threw them away……You are a great commander with wonderful ideas and such an encourager…… and yes the pie was good….kids was eating it off my shirt…glad it was clean…..great night…..great fun……GREAT ENTERTAINMENT… HA…HA….

  2. I still remember when we auctioned off throwing a pie in the face of the pastor and youth pastor to raise money, it got quite a bit of money and was a lot of fun.

    We’re a portable church, so I don’t know if this would work for us, but it’s a fun idea……… Now, you’ve got me thinking.

  3. Wow! You did everything SO correctly! I especially love the removing of the trash bags — there’s really no way to minimize the mess, so you might as well embrace it! A pie in the face is one of my favorite things, and it’s become an odd tradition in my family…once a year or so my wife pies me. It’s something we started doing years ago as a way to reconnect with each other in some really tough times. Again, wonderfully done!

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