Make New Friends, But Keep the Old

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How have things been with you recently? It seems that quite a few people have been struggling this year. Marriages have been tested. Sickness has been battled. There’s been loneliness, grief, strife…

Sometimes it is necessary to sit back and take a look at the good things that have transpired throughout the year. Those nuggets of gold seem to be placed upon shelves for a rainy day. Then when the rainy day comes along, our heads are hanging so far down that we forget the golden memories.

Many of those gold nuggets involve friends we’ve met along the road of life. Some friends have stuck around through thick and thin, some have wandered away. A few friends have joined us through the struggles, while others appear out of the blue.christmasball There have been many times this year that I needed to be reminded that I even had friends.

While at a Girls’ Night Out last night, our wonderful leader had us think about all of the blessings we had been given over the past year. She then had us write some of those on a Christmas ball to hang on our trees at home. Once I had all of mine written down, I began to see a pattern within all of those blessings. There were no material blessings listed at all. They all involved people.  Some of the people were family, some were friends in ministry, but other blessings included people whom I had never met.

Isn’t that indicative of God? He loves to use people to bless His children. He wants to use you to bless others. He might want to bless someone whom you will never meet. You may never know how a smile, hug, or simple comment may change the heart of another.

The lovely ladies at the GNO event.

The lovely ladies at the GNO event.

I looked around the room at one point during the evening. There were a few ladies whom I know better than others. But they are all my sisters because that’s how the body of Christ works. Those who have Jesus as their Savior automatically have a bond.

And that’s how I feel about many of you Readers and fellow Bloggers out there whom I have never met and probably never will this side of eternity.

But that’s ok.

I plan on making new friends up in heaven and keeping my golden nuggets as well.

Yes’m, old friends is always best, ‘less you can catch a new one that’s fit to make an old one out of.  ~ Sarah Orne Jewett

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