Cling and Don’t Let Go

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Can you imagine it? He was deep asleep only to be woken up by someone wrestling with him. He was a worthy opponent. Very strong, nimble, and a quick thinker.

God won't let goThe fight continued. The assailant touched the hip of the other causing the bones to jerk out of place. And yet the tussle continued on. But at one point Jacob had his opponent in some type of headlock. He asked Jacob to let him go. Jacob refused, clung to him, and said, “I will not let you go until you bless me!”

He wrestled with God!

Jacob physically fought with the Creator of the universe…and was allowed to WIN!! And wow did God bless him.

Who, or what, have you been fighting today? Me? I’ve been battling it out with a 4 year old. I have been fighting against my own temptations for food. I have been battling a laziness that has never been a part of my personality before. I am pushing back insecurities that I thought I had conquered. I am scarred, I probably have a hip out of joint, and I am tired.

But I will cling.

In the midst of the fight when all seems lost and God is no where, that’s the time when we cling to our faith no matter how small. It’s the hope we have.

It’s the hope that tomorrow has new mercies.
It’s the hope that lessons will be learned.
It’s the hope that good friends will always come along side when needed.
It’s the hope that the good guys win in the end.
It’s the hope that there is purpose behind the storm.
It’s the hope that all is not in vain.
It’s the hope that love never fails.

Cling to it, Friend! Cling, and don’t let go!

God will never let you down.

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Cling and Don’t Let Go — 2 Comments

  1. I was thinking the same thing – great article that fit right in with the lecture we had on Jacob. I like the idea of clinging and never letting go. Blessings

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