May I Encourage You? Go Encourage Someone Else

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When was the last time you received a card in the mail? Not a junkmail postcard. But a card with your address hand-written on the envelope? And when you opened the card it was a personal note just to YOU. Don’t those make you feel good?DSC_0405

I have received a few over the years. Not many. But every now and then a card comes along and I’ll stick it in my Bible, or I’ll place it in a keep sake box. Others I’ll put in a safe place in the kitchen so I can pull them out when I need some…..


You never know when your words of encouragement might be needed. God, in His infinite love for us, always has a word of encouragement in His love letter. But even then, He seems to know that there are times when we need to hear, or read, the words face to face.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

We hear this all the time. We say it to our kids. But how often do we really think it?

I like to receive encouragement. I like to receive cards in the mail. I like to receive thoughtful gifts. I like to receive blessings from others when they are really given with love behind them. But how many times do I actually give these things to others?

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

I’ve begun to ask myself different questions as I’ve thought about this, such as: If I was that person, how would I desire people to respond to me? If I was in that situation, what help would I need from others? If I behaved in that manner, what message would I be trying to convey to the world?

DSC_0407I guess it’s kinda “putting myself in the other person’s shoes,” and then acting as Jesus would want me to once I figure out the answers to my questions.

Don’t get me wrong! There are plenty of times when I forget to think this way and I miss opportunities to spread God’s love. And there have been times when I have reacted the wrong way and made a situation worse. This is why we must be intentional in our relationships with others. I don’t want to miss those opportunities; and I want to have meaningful relationships with others so that I don’t do the wrong thing.

Do you?

Think….can you bring to mind a person struggling, or frowning, or choosing a difficult decision, or doing something amazing? Then Rejoice with those who rejoice, and mourn with those who mourn.

Maybe sending a hand-written card in the mail saying what she means to you is exactly what she needs. God will make it arrive at just the right time when HE needs it!

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May I Encourage You? Go Encourage Someone Else — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you for always encouraging me…….but you still are kissing the pig….and i will encourage you not to be afraid…….

  2. Thanks for the reminder, I used to send cards in the mail all the time but I have let that go on the wayside, it is time to start doing that again. It is a wonderful way to bring encouragement to others.