May I Encourage You? Peaceful Rest

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When was the last time you held a sleeping child? Or a sleeping animal? Isn’t it a beautiful thing? Think about it. It’s amazing. There is no stress, no pride, no arrogance. That child trusts the integrity of the person holding him 100%. There is complete trust or else there would be no sleep.

When I go to a new place, or stay in a hotel, my sleep is disturbed. It’s a strange place. I don’t trust my surroundings. My rest is not peaceful. When I went away this past weekend on an Awana working retreat, the other Commander and I stayed in a small vacation house. Around 12:00am I thought I heard the screen door open and close slightly. She jumped off the couch and pulled out her firearm! I couldn’t be believe it! It was a scary and funny moment, but it shows how “on guard” we both were.

Isn’t this how we are with God? So many times we are “on guard” when it comes to life. And when life gets scary, we pull out the big guns, so to speak. We try to handle issues ourselves. We become prideful and arrogant. We become stressed.

We aren’t trusting God 100%. We are to rest in Him. We have to know our God so well that we can fall asleep in His arms and know that everything is ok. Jesus tells us in the scriptures to come to Him, all who are weary and burdened, and He will give us rest.

Take a look at Sweet Cheeks sleeping in Daddy’s arms at the bottom of this post. What you can’t see is that they are sitting on the lawn mower. I don’t know how long she slept like that. Despite the roar of the motor and the jolting of the mower, she slept peacefully in her Daddy’s arms. She trusts him. She knew she would be safe even on a big riding lawn mower.

We have to trust in Jesus, and that he is Who he says he is. 100%

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