Mom, Cut Yourself Some Slack

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I’ve had the opportunity to write on two other blogs recently and I wanted to share those posts with you! Enjoy!!


The soil has been plowed. The rows are set. The seeds are sown. Rain has been falling. The sprouts should appear soon!

Gardens are full of new life. Tender plants need healthy soil, sun, and rain to grow, but at times they need knowledgeable people to help them grow strong. Weeds must be pulled. Some plants need to be staked. If insects or disease appear, then the correct protective measures must happen……

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garden 5

People swirled around me as the homeschool convention moved on. So many speakers, so many ideas, so many opinions, so many books, so much.

I was so overwhelmed.

I knew something in my household needed to change. I knew we had issues that needed to be dealt with; but my spirit was dry and it was all I could do to make it to bedtime……

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