Promise Keeping

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Both of my kids are napping right now and it is taking everything within me not to scream “Hallelujah!” at the top of my lungs!!

Why? you might ask.

Because my God is merciful!

I don’t want to give away my Awana lesson that comes out tomorrow, but I have had my eyes opened by the Lord this week through this study. What do you know about BLOOD COVENANTS?

The Lord has revealed to me that a person cannot understand the Old Testament, and consequently the New Testament, without first understanding what a blood covenant is.

Why didn’t Abraham argue with God about sacrificing Isaac? He was in a blood covenant with God. When in a blood covenant, one covenant keeper will do whatever is asked of them by the other covenant keeper.

Why did God allow Israel’s enemies to kill His people? Because the Israelites were in a blood covenant through the line of Abraham and circumcision; and they did not keep their part of the promise. God is holy and just. Those who do not keep their promise must die a horrible death.

Why did Jesus have to die on the cross? Because humanity is in a blood covenant and cannot keep their part of the promise. Only God can. So God chose to send His perfect Son, who can keep a promise, to take our place in the blood covenant.

Why must I accept Jesus as my Savior? Because those who cannot keep their part of the promise to God shall have to die a certain and horrible death. But by believing in the Lord Jesus, you become a part of the NEW blood covenant. The covenant of Jesus’ blood.

Once I accept Jesus as my Savior, why does my life become a living sacrifice? Because we are now a part of the NEW blood covenant and whatever God asks of us, we are to be obedient to do, even unto death.

By accepting Jesus’ blood and forgiveness, then God sees me as keeping my promise of the blood covenant. And instead of eternal death apart from Him, He gives eternal life with Himself.

Oh the mercies of God are so wonderful!! I know I don’t understand it all, but I do know that God is good. There is so much symbolism and hope in the scriptures!! I hope my musings make sense! I’ve had so much jumbled in my brain about this that I can’t think straight!! Hallelujah!!

** READ THIS for an awesome explanation of blood covenants!**

What a mighty God we serve!! Oh, how I want to understand more!!

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Promise Keeping — 4 Comments

  1. The lesson was GREAT! That diagram of the Blood Covenant was so helpful and so cool! Had fun asking kids questions afterwards. One answer made us all laugh. The question was, “What great nation God made out of Abram’s family” and, as a little tip, I touched my chin on both sides, just as you did for your song with motions. Well, the first answer I got was the name of the nation was “Moustache”! LOL! :))))))