Reminders for Studying the Word of God

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Tonight at church one of my Pastors taught on the spiritual discipline of Bible study. I thought it was a good way to begin this new online study! He had some great reminders, so I wanted to pass them along to you.

1. Listen to the Word of God – Be sure that you are going to a Bible believing church with a pastor who is not afraid to preach the Truth. And then…make sure you attend regularly! God wants us to be around other believers for many reasons, but He wants us to gather together in worship to hear His called Shepherds teach His word. In conjunction with corporate worship, there are so many other ways to get good preaching to your ears. Radio, podcasts, Youtube, and TV. We are without excuse to hear to Word of the Lord. For some GREAT FREE podcasts, click HERE for the ones I listen to. (Scroll to the end of the page.)

2. Read the Word of God – When was the last time you took 15 minutes to sit and read Facebook? How about 15 minutes reading the Bible? (Ouch…me too.) Pull out your Bible and read a chapter, or even one of the short books of the New Testament from start to finish. It gives you a great overview of the scriptures AND it helps us to not take verses out of context. You can find many resources for reading through the Bible in a year, etc. These are great. There are apps for your phone that will send you scripture for the day. There are blogs and websites that will send a scripture a day to your email. Take advantage of them.DSCN1705

3. Study the Word of God – This is where you take a small passage of scripture and really take a deep look into it. I love inductive Bible study and I have learned a lot from it!! This is not something you necessarily need to do every day, although I enjoy doing it as much as I can. There are so many good study Bibles, and commentaries, dictionaries, websites, etc to use to help answer questions as you dig into the meat of the word. This is where many book studies, like the one I’m beginning this week, can help.

4. Meditate and Memorize the Word of God – This is a hard one for me. I really have to work at this one. But if you can hang in and do this with God, it is SOOOO worth it! Everyone has a different way to learn, so figure that out for yourself and find a memorization technique that works for you. Click HERE for how I go about mine. It’s just one way.

So as you can see from the picture, I have my new devotional book, my book for the online study, my coffee in my favorite mug…now I need to add my Bible and colored pencils and I am READY and EXCITED to begin this journey of studying God’s word with some of you. So if you bought one of the Wisdom books, begin the first session tomorrow (Monday, January 14) and in about two weeks we’ll have our first discussion.

What part of Bible study are you going to be working on this week?

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Reminders for Studying the Word of God — 4 Comments

  1. As I’m in Nashville, couldn’t be there tonight. Thank you so much for filling me in!! Love you!

  2. Getting older definitely makes it harder (at least for me) to memorize things! But my children definitely challenge my heart as I see them learn and memorize scriptures. There’s scriptures I totally remember and have memorized but I would like to make this more of a priority. Thanks for sharing!