Review: Talk Now and Later by Brian Dollar

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My son is eight years old. As he grows older, I am scared for him. How old are your kids? We watch the news. We see the pain, the disasters, and the scariness of the world. While we Christians know that Jesus Christ has already overcome the world, we still want to be sure we are parenting well, and that includes having open communication with our children.

Brian DollarBrian Dollar (children’s pastor since 1992) has written a new book called Talk Now and Later (paperback $14.30; Kindle $8.49) which covers many topics that might arise when speaking with my children over the next few years. (5 years…10 years…) And he is right. Thinking that one conversation will cover a topic for life is an ignorant way to conduct my parenting. This is a simple to read book that encourages, but honestly tells, parents to talk to their kids.

Brian DollarSome topics are hard to talk about. Have you had “THE” talk with your kids? We haven’t had to yet, but we’ve had to speak about some issues that are related to the main topic of sex.

Brian deals with this topic and more, and gives practical ways to handle each conversation. Some of the topics include:







One of the reasons why I like this book is that you do not have to read the entire thing for it to be helpful. If you are in a situation, then go to the chapter that handles that topic and read it. The chapters that I really need right now and chapters 1, 4, and 5. Chapter one covers the topic of God and how to set up a healthy spiritual home for children.

If our home isn’t safe for questions, then our kids will go searching elsewhere.

Chapter 4 deals with self-image. I have two young girls and we are beginning to deal with this issue in our home. Brian gives practical activities and models conversations so I can easily begin the conversation in my home.

Nine-400x400Making wise choices is something I desire for my children and this topic is covered in chapter 5. Besides using scripture as a guide, Brian steps out a decision-making process that can help older children think through their decisions. But he does tell us parents that we cannot rescue our kids from their choices.

Talk Now and Later is a practical resource for parents and church lay leaders. If you think about it, there are some children who do not have spiritually safe environments at home, and so church leaders may need to step into that role and have some hard discussions. Brian models questions to ask children which narrow the focus to the issue at hand so you can have a helpful discussion.

If you aren’t ready to get your own copy yet, then you can go to Brian’s Website and download a sample chapter. He’ll also give you a 4 part video series!

My Recommendation:

Talk Now and Later by Brian Dollar is an excellent resource to have on your library shelf. The fact that I can pull out a resource when I need it, and trust that it is based on scripture, helps me to know that I can prayerfully and confidently tackle hard topics of conversation.

The book Talk Now and Later is awarded 5 Aliens out of 5 Aliens for Practical Family Conversation Friendliness!

5 alien awardYou can click on the following image to buy Brian’s book right now!

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Review: Talk Now and Later by Brian Dollar — 8 Comments

  1. Things we are dealing with right now are friendships and self-image. We’ve had “the talk” with our kids, but as the first time things are new and not always understood–I see the wisdom in having periodic talks. And I agree–not just on that topic, but on whatever is on their mind at that moment. Oh how important it is to develop the relationship so anything and everything is on the table. My parents didn’t discuss much of anything with my siblings and me, and I’ve had to really work at making sure I can talk with my kids about anything–even the things that make me uncomfortable. Thank you for the giveaway.

  2. Death seems to come up a lot for some reason, as well as friendship. I’m sure self-image will come up eventually, but right now my girls are really confident with themselves!

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