SMILE! It’s Friday! #16

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***It’s been one year since I’ve added to the Smile! It’s Friday! series. I thought today was a good day to add another fun, family story.


He stuck his head through my open bedroom door. His face told me he wasn’t happy.

missing candy“Mama, did you eat some of our Halloween candy?” I continued to look at my computer screen and type.

“Mama? There are candy wrappers in your trash can. Did you eat some of our candy?” Trying not to laugh at his seriousness, I continued to type and not make eye contact with him.

He marched across the room and grabbed my chin with his hand. “Mama! Did you?” He turned my head towards him and proceeded to move my head up and down in a “yes” motion.


“YES! Yes, I ate some of your candy!”

He then dropped my face, turned, and ran out the door yelling, “Yes! Mama ate some of our candy!!!”

Sweet Cheeks barreled in. “Mama! Did you eat my candy?!?”

“Actually Baby. I didn’t eat any of yours. Only RB’s and Sunshine’s.”

“Oh. Ok,” And she turned on her heel and flounced out.

Have you eaten any of your children’s candy?

Missing Candy3

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