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“I participated in your online class last fall and really loved it. I especially appreciated your guidance on how to guide a child in how to pray the prayer of salvation. The same day that I watched your “video”, I marked my Bible with tabs for the 1,2,3,4 verses to follow. Today, I walked one of my Sunday School students through the verses, ensured that he was ready (and he was) and he prayed the prayer of salvation! It was so helpful to be ready when he was! Thank you Anne Marie!” ~~ Rhonda

I am so honored that you would consider me for your next event! I’d love to chat about how we can partner together.

Jesus calls us to go into the world and make disciples of all nations. I like to think that I play a small part in that mission through training parents and church leaders to teach the Bible to the best of their ability.

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Anne Marie

Speaking Topics:

Becoming an Effective Bible Teacher (Part 1) –

God has given you everything you need to teach the Bible to kids. As you learn more about Jesus, the more you will be able to share that knowledge with others.

This session includes encouragement for those who teach the Bible, hindrances that cause us to not be excellent teachers, reminders of the nature and purpose of God’s word, and practical ways for how to improve ourselves. (45 min. – 1hr.)



Becoming an Effective Bible Teacher (Part 2) –

This session includes how to prepare and execute an excellent Bible lesson. The stage and atmosphere is important when teaching.

Also explore how Jesus was, and still is, a Master Teacher and how we can be equipped to teach as He does. (45 min. – 1hr.)



A Remnant of Righteousness

This session focuses on moms being leaders of the remnant. We will dig into the book of Judges and pop into Ruth as we discuss teaching ethics and sanctification to our kids. Let’s make sure they know the WHY and the HOW of being a Christian. (45 min. – 1hr.)

Listen to a PODCAST version of this session —> HERE


What People are Saying:

“Anne Marie, this has been such an inspiring and helpful teaching. Your passion for teaching children God’s Word is catching and I am excited to share these insights with others!” ~ Sherri

“[This has been] a great encouragement to me when I have been struggling with whether my efforts make a difference. Ultimately, it is about being faithful to the lover of my soul and trusting Him to give the increase when He sees fit. Thank you so much for being faithful to teach those who are called to teach.” ~ Tina R.

“I really enjoyed this challenge to become a more effective Bible teacher. I’ve been praying for God to improve me as a teacher and I’m eager to learn from others! Your guidance was very helpful and inspiring to me. I’m happy to have learned that I am on the right track with the way I prepare for class and teach the lessons.” ~ Rhonda

“You have left me with wanting more. Even though I have taught Sunday school for 43 years I feel as if I can always use help and encouragement. I feel refreshed and renewed after this challenge.” ~ Tina F.

“In an age where parents are doing real battle with the culture, Anne Marie Gosnell shows parents how to arm themselves with the Word. Her challenge to all Christians to live authentically and at the feet of Jesus as a way to reach our children and the next generation for Christ will move even the most warmed over heart.” ~ Gina Glenn, Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network


Author/Speaker Biography:

Anne Marie Gosnell has a graduate degree in education with a focus on developing curriculum and instruction. Her life journey includes over 25 years (so far!) in Children’s Ministry: Sunday School, puppetry, Vacation Bible School, Children’s Church, and various outreach ministries. She is the owner of the online resource futureflyingsaucers.com and is the author of two books – Walk This Way: Ethics and Sanctification Lessons for Kids and What God is Doing: Old Testament Object Lessons for Kids.