Submission Redefined {Guest Post}

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Recently, I’ve been learning the art of submission. It hasn’t come easily. Submit. The word conjures up visions of inferiority, inadequacy, weakness… to submit is to surrender, something we’re taught to avoid. But this year, I had my “dream” shattered, I realized my pride, my “independence,” my refusal to submit… were hurting others. And hurting me.

Submission Redefined

Submission is an act of power. It is an act of love, it flows freely from the heart. Submission is far more powerful of a statement than attempting to “be in control.” Christ epitomized this. He was all powerful, in control, perfect. Yet He set an example for us, one of submission and servitude.

The world teaches us that we deserve certain things, we have rights, we should be able to pursue our own desires. But Jesus, through His example, teaches us to lay aside our desires, our rights, what we deserve — we are to empty ourselves.

Christ Jesus, who, though he was in the form of God, did not count equality with God a thing to be grasped, but emptied himself, by taking the form of a servant, being born in the likeness of men. And being found in human form, he humbled himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross. — Philippians 2:4-8, ESV

Our wants are selfish, our desires are fleeting and self-serving. But we can be part of something more. We can submit. Submit to God, give up our independence, our “plan” for this life. Submission is a display of love and trust. Submission doesn’t have to come from a place of fear or weakness, as we’ve been taught by the world. Submission can come from a place of peace, love, and respect.

Submission comes into play in marriage. Marriage isn’t 50/50. It’s about putting your partner first. Loving submission, grace freely given. For a long time, I’d struggled with Ephesians 5:22-33, which directs wives to submit to their husbands.

“Submit? No, that’s behind the times.”

But it’s not. It’s actually progressive. When I started looking at it, submission begets respect and love. We submit not because we are weak, but because we are giving of ourselves. Submission is a radical concept, when you really start to look at it and dissect the word.bphotoart-family-maternity-pictures-20310-153

I wish I had reconsidered the meaning of “submit” earlier. I won’t go into details, but suffice it to say, our marriage had some speed bumps because of my old understanding of the word, “submit.” I regret being bull-headed, having to get my way, thinking that I was right — when the proper course of action would have been loving submission. It has been humbling to see my flaws, my refusal to submit, revealed through this self-examination.

My definition of parenthood was also challenged by the concept of submission. Samuel was given to the Lord by his mother — she knew from birth that he was not “her own.” All too often we think of our children as “ours” …but they truly belong to God. My passion and desire for my sons is that they know the Lord, that they walk with Him and learn to trust and submit to Him.


bphotoart-spring-6262Betsy Finn lives in Michigan with her husband, two boys, and two cats (Betsy’s story). You can read more of her thoughts on life and creative musings at There, Betsy blogs about a hodgepodge of topics including fine art and portrait photography, parenting, capturing memories, and finding contentment in the journey of life. You can also find Betsy on Facebook,Twitter,Google+,Pinterest,and Instagram.

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Submission Redefined {Guest Post} — 2 Comments

    • Submission works because it isn’t that men are to submit to women and women to men, but that God is a God who is holy and loves us and desires us to have blessed relationships with people. When we submit to God, who gave up His own Son for us, then we desire to love other people and serve them in humility. It isn’t about who is better and stronger, but about how we can encourage and love those around us. Men actually have it harder than women….they are to submit to God and love their wives as Jesus loves the church. Jesus died for the church. Therefore men must be willing to die for their women. Women just have to respect their men. I know my husband loves me because he is willing to care for me, and the kids and do what it takes to make sure we are cared for. He denies himself….and that is what makes submission great. Self denial.

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