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Jesus Heals a Blind Man Object Lesson

  Who is Jesus? This is a very good question. Many in the world have the incorrect answer. Use play dough to teach children about Who Jesus is in this Jesus heals the Blind Man object lesson. Scripture Focus: John 9 Materials: Inductive Bible Study Form; play dough; two different play dough molds Geography: Jerusalem …

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Jesus Heals the Lame Man Bible Object Lesson

  When a person encounters Jesus, either that person can believe He is who He says He is, or not. This Jesus Healing the Lame Man Object Lesson exemplifies this truth. Use a bowl of water to act out the event and discuss what Jesus is saying to us. Scripture Focus: John 5:1-18 Materials: Inductive …

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The Woman at the Well Object Lesson

  Jesus did some unconventional actions while He was here on earth. One of those events included speaking to the Samaritan woman at the well. Why did Jesus do this? Use a glass of water to teach children about the Living Water. Scripture Focus: John 4:1-42 Materials: glass of water Geography: Samaria, Sychar, Judea, Galilee …

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Jesus and Nicodemus Object Lesson

  The Pharisee was confused. After all, Jesus was teaching new ideas with authority. Use this simple, but profound, Nicodemus object lesson to teach the Truth of being born again. Scripture Focus: John 3:1-21 Materials: candles (I used electric.) bowl of water {for my personal testimony, but you can use the concept} Geography: Jerusalem Background:¬†After …

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