The Armor of God by Priscilla Shirer

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Quick! What is the name of the last good Christian movie you have watched? Book read? What Bible study are you in the middle of right now? How are you putting God’s word into your heart?

armor of God

Whether you study God’s word on your own or with a small group, be sure that you are doing it. Here’s one to consider if you need something new.

I recently finished Priscilla Shirer’s study The Armor of God ($15.28) from B&H Publishing/Lifeway.

I started out trying to do the study on my own, but I found that I missed the video content. The ladies at my church decided to do the study as a small group, so I joined them. I’m so glad I did because the videos add such a new magnitude to the study. Being able to hear Priscilla explain the subject area of interest more and hearing personal stories…it adds to the depth of the study.

The Armor of God study focuses on the sixth chapter of Ephesians where Paul described to the people about putting on God’s protective gear. Shirer takes each section and verse and teaches the meaning of each and practical ways we can put on the armor ourselves when praying.

This is a training book…one that trains Christians to pray. Included in the book are prayer cards. Shirer encourages participants to write out prayers as she teaches strategies that create strong, personal prayers.

Like many of Lifeway’s video Bible studies, the student book includes pages for note-taking during the videos. There is “homework” for 5 days during the week. During the small group time, the leader is given questions to ask which encourage discussion among the participants. Even if you did this study on your own, the questions are thought provoking.

One of my favorite connections happened during Day 5 of Week 2. Priscilla cross referenced Ephesians 6 with Isaiah 59:15-19. This was an “Ah-Ha” moment for me! These verses show us that the Armor of God really does belong to…God. And when Paul explains to us that we *need* to put on God’s armor in order to stand strong, it’s the mental picture of a child putting on his Daddy’s suit coat. Only we aren’t playing dress up. We need the armor for protection from the real enemy, Satan.

If you are interested in improving your prayers, then the practical steps in this book are helpful. The good study and thought-provoking questions will help your understanding of the importance of being ready for spiritual warfare.








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