The Power of Hymns

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I sat down at the piano last evening and pulled out a book of hymns. The first one in the book was “The Little Brown Church.” I was amazed at how just the title of the song could bring back such wonderful memories.

Do hymns do that to you?

I can remember my daddy sitting on my bed when I was a little girl. He would sing to me as he put me to bed. He would sing at other times as well, but when he would sing to me at bedtime I remember feeling content and peaceful. My dad was with me. I was safe.

There’s a church in the valley by the wildwoodchurch hymns
No lovelier spot in the dale
No place is so dear to my childhood
As the little brown church in the vale
(Oh, come, come, come, come)
Come to the church by the wildwood
Oh, come to the church in the vale
No spot is so dear to my childhood
As the little brown church in the vale

Another song he sang was “In the Garden.” Oh, his voice was (and still is) amazing when he sang that song.

I now sing these songs to my children.

Hymns are like soft blankets of comfort. We pull them out when we need to surround ourselves with peace, warmth, and love. There is something magical about hymns. Perhaps, they are sweet gifts from an Almighty Father who wants to sit on our beds and sing us to sleep. And as we lose ourselves in the melodies of eternal victory, rivers of life, and the sweet by-and-by, we can remember that our Abba is with us.

And we are safe.

Do you have a favorite hymn attached to memories?

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The Power of Hymns — 14 Comments

  1. Standing beside my dad during the service, him singing “Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty…” in his deep Bass voice….and hearing him singing any song where the bass part was prominent, during choir songs, such sweet dear memories.

    • I agree whole-heartedly with you Kristi. it’s hard to find a church that rely’s on the old Standard Hymns. Alan Jackson has an awesome album, Precious Memories, that is simply those good ol’ time religion songs.

  2. How Great Thou Art reminds me of my grandmother. I’m not sure exactly why, but it always brings up childhood memories at grandma’s house.

  3. Great post.
    My parents were always singing hymns. Mom would sing a medley with “Isn’t He Wonderful” in it on the way to visit Daddy when he was on duty overnight. Dad loves to sing “I don’t worry o’er the future”, “I’m going higher” and other hymns I never heard in church. In fact, when I’ve run into Dad’s favorites in print, I realize how much he’d changed them to suit his style. 😀
    Our own bedtime routine has included hymns for the kids since my first was a baby. I’ve been consciously giving them wonderful memories to help them through life.
    Apparently, a few modern writers are getting to the meat of Christianity, but Kristi is quite right, the old ones knew what they were talking about and wanted you to understand with them!

  4. I love,love, love Amazing Grace – it basically sums up my life. I enjoy contemporary Christian but there is something about an old hymn like Amazing Grace, He Lives, The Old Rugged Cross that makes me feel closer to the Lord and while they weren’t sung in my home as a child my children know some of my favorites.

  5. I don’t have the kind of memories you have and I admit I am not a fan of Hymns. I prefer modern worship music, but you have given me something to think about.

    • Many present artists are remaking some of the old hymns, and you might not even realize it! There is so much theology and Truth packed into the old hymns. A good hymn livened up with some drums can be just as amazing as it being played with an organ. I encourage you to look into finding some of the remakes today put out my popular worship groups. It’s good stuff. 🙂

  6. I can’t say that I have a favorite Hymn. I really do like the modern worship music. Now had you asked me this a couple years ago I would have said I never listen to it. I would love to check some out though.

  7. I love the idea of a hymn being a soft, comforting, warm blanket! How true! I find when my heart most needs comfort, a hymn comes to mind! How Great Thou Art, Great Is Thy Faithfulness, & Amazing Grace are my go-to hymns!

    Deb Weaver

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