The Wild Brothers Video Series {Review and Giveaway}

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My kids do not watch much TV. They just don’t. They may check out videos from the library each week, but rarely do we ever watch them. When they do watch TV, I control the length of viewing and I am picky about what they watch. Wanna see what we watched this month?The Wild Brothers

I had never heard of The Wild Brothers video series when this review opportunity crossed my path. And now I cannot wait to tell you all about these videos and why you need to watch them, buy them for your yourself and the church library, and use them as resources!

About The Wild Brothers

The Wild Brothers are the sons of New Tribe Missions missionaries, and they have created these videos about living on the mission field with the Wano people in Papua, Indonesia.

The videos I received include: (All are about 28 minutes long and for all ages. They also include extra features, interviews AND discussion and activity guides!!)

Welcome To Our World {$14.99}: This video introduces us to the Wild Family and how they live on the mission field. We learn about the Wano people and about the culture of the tribe. The video tells us about each brother, their hobbies, and their pets. (Newt is our favorite!)The Wild BrothersJewels of the Jungle {$14.99}: This video shows us many of the insects that live in the region. The Wild Brothers take viewers on a butterfly hunt and show how they collect insects for research purposes and enjoy God’s creation. We also see how they study moths. There’s more, but I don’t want to spoil it for you!!The Wild BrothersParadise Lost {$14.99}: The third video takes us to the beach. They show us local fish and ocean views and reefs. We journey on a night dive and get to explore a cave.

The Wild BrothersReview of The Wild Brothers Video Series

All three videos focus on adventure, the adventure of following Jesus Christ. Each video, in its own way, focuses on Genesis and how nature and people groups are created by a Great Designer.

One of the main things I enjoyed about these videos is that they put “skin” on what it is like to be a missionary. There are fun adventures, interesting animals, beautiful scenery, lovely people, strange cultures, few luxuries, hard work…and gross food. The four brothers are normal kids…yet they are not normal kids. They are in a hands-on-faith world where they watch their parents rely on the power of God every day for their survival. Because of the mentoring and example of their parents, they have chosen a path of faith themselves.

I was shocked at the end when I watched the credits for the first video. While the videos are published by Answers in Genesis, The Wild family produces, directs, and edits the videos themselves. One of the boys is the music composer as well. I was so impressed! The camera work, including underwater filming, was well done. The scripting was interesting and kept the attention of all three of my children.

Each video includes a discussion and activity guide that can be used to help students understand more about geography, science, sociology, missionaries, and God. All age children can learn from these. These videos would be great for high school students to watch and then work on research projects that go along with the videos’ subject matters.

What am I talking about??? I learned a lot by watching these videos!!

My Recommendation

The kids LOVED these videos and cannot wait to show them to my husband! We were able to go online and watch even more adventure videos. I cannot recommend them enough!!

The Wild Brothers Video Series earns 5 out of 5 Aliens for Missionary, Science, Creation, Education Family Friendliness!!

5 alien award


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  2. Our church supports a missionary that has a bookstore in an undisclosed location in the middle east. She is in a dangerous place, and must be secretive.

  3. I WANT TO WIN. Caleb would LOVE these. Oh goodness, lots of favorite missionaries. I have several real-life FRIENDS who are currently serving around the world and they are some of my modern day heroes! One family in China, one family in the middle east, several in Belize…of missionaries past, Brother Andrew, Jim & Elisabeth Elliot, I could go on and on!!!

  4. I would love to have these videos. I follow the Wild brothers on Facebook and enjoy reading about the culture and and wildlife in the country where God has called this family to serve.

  5. We like the Wild family. My daughter thinks Asher is the funniest. For Missionaries Thatcher actually know, we like the Tuckers who work to develop churchs and their leaders in Africa.

  6. Have looked and considered buying them many times but wasn’t sure if we’d love them! Thanks for the review and the giveaway!

  7. This videos sound wonderful! Thank you for an opportunity to win a set! Our favorite missionaries so far (we are still learning about missionaries) is Louis Zamperini and Amy Carmichael (my favorite and my children’s favorite ). 🙂

  8. I was on the mission field for four years and have many friends still there faithfully serving – a shout out to Jennie C. and Charity S. my dear friends

  9. My favorite missionary–my brother Joel. He served in SE Asia for several years before coming down with cancer and on to be with the Lord. He was greatly loved by the people he served.

  10. I can’t give a favorite missionary, the rest of my family would be miffed, but I would add Darlene Deibler Rose to the list of biographies to read. 😀
    My dad grew up in India at a time when all MKs were sent to boarding school. His reaction to the Wild Brothers this Christmas was interesting: he enjoyed what they did and was impressed, but his main feeling was one of envy for the amazing experiences they are having.
    These kids and their parents are awesome to follow on facebook and I pray they continue to have an impact for Jesus’ kingdom for many years!

  11. The boys would watch Gladys Aylward over and over, but that’s probably because there is a train in the Torchlighters episode.

  12. Would love to win! 🙂 The ones that immediately come first though is my friends the Guay family in Thailand. So many great ones from history though

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