To Those of You Who Do Not Leave Comments on Blogs

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To Those of You Who Do Not Leave Comments on Blogs

To Those of You Who Do Not Leave Comments on Blogs~

I am a Blogger. It takes time and energy to write, edit, take pictures, and publish each article. Of course I thrive on feedback from those who read what I place out there in the wide world of websites. There are days when I catch myself checking the blog or email just to see if I heard from anyone. Sometimes I check too often and then when there is silence, I get discouraged.

I know you are out there. I have all the stats before me. I’ve asked other Bloggers what they do to improve their site, to draw in visitors and comments. I’ve read and read other blogs about “How to Increase Your Blog’s Stats in Three Easy Steps.” Some tweaks I’ve made. Others I won’t buy into.

I got to thinking.

What is the purpose of FFS? Why did I begin this blog in the first place?

Why? I want to spread the gospel. I want to encourage others on their journey of life. I want to share my struggles and blessings so I might glorify my King.

The purpose of FFS is not to bring in thousands of views a day, receive 30 comments per post, or bring income to my wallet. Believe me when I say, I’ve learned a lot about affiliate links, ads, and raising my SEO lately.

It thrills my heart when someone comes up to me, or sends me an email, to say how much a post meant to him or her. Especially if I had no idea this person was even reading my blog. At times the next words from this person will be, “I’m sorry I don’t comment any.”

If this person might be you, please do not feel entitled, guilty, or ashamed if you have not interacted on the blog. People are busy. You have a job to do, laundry to wash, food to cook, a garden to plow. The fact that you would take 5 minutes to read something I wrote is amazing. The fact that someone might actually use one of the Bible lessons with a ministry is even more humbling.

Do I want your comments? Absolutely! Do I want you to share articles that bless you? Please do! I love hearing your opinions, advice, and struggles. I try to comment back. After all, some days I’m waiting for them! “Bloggy” friends are fun and great to have!

Before I end this note to you, allow me to let you in on a secret. I don’t leave many comments either. And if you are a Subscriber to this blog and a Blogger, please know that I come to your page to check up on you. I may not get over there every day, but I do try to visit often. I happen to have a busy life, too.

Reader, you are valuable to me. Thank you for taking the time to visit.

May you be blessed by the King today,

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To Those of You Who Do Not Leave Comments on Blogs — 37 Comments

  1. Just got back from a vacation (read and delete, no comments). Thought I’d leave a comment, cause you know you want me to. I don’t often leave WordPress comments; I find WordPress somewhat unfriendly. I’m always forgetting the password and it wants me to sign in just to leave a comment, and then it doesn’t like to accept my address as my blog. ::sigh:: But here’s my comment. Keep on blogging! Be encouraged.

    • Oh wow! I try to make it as easy as possible for my Readers to leave a comment. I don’t know if I have any power over the password thing though. 🙁 I get annoyed by the securities of Blogger. If I have to type something in, then I rarely leave a comment. And I find there are times when I do go through the whole rigamarole, that at the end, the comment still won’t publish. *sigh* We do our best though and keep plugging along! 🙂

  2. Great post!! I’ve been working on leaving more comments lately, because I’ve realized that sometimes, to get comments, you’ve got to give comments. It’s all about creating a feeling of community on your blog, which is what I want. I want to inform, encourage, and edify mommies in their motherhood journey and in their walks with the Lord. That is, essentially, my mental mission statement for my blog.

  3. @ Anne: SEO=Search Engine Optimization. It is a process of using certain keywords that increase the chances, and where in the list, your site shows up on an internet search.
    @FFS. Sometimes I comment on blogs, other times I dont. I guess I read blog articles like a magazine and dont even really consider the need or ability to add my 2 cents. Just keep putting your thoughts out there and consider that prior to the internet, most writers had no idea how many readers they had or the ability to receive instant commentary on their works…yet amazing stories and literary works were created time and time again. 🙂

    • Quite true. And thanks for defining SEO for me. At least most writers before the internet received some type of compensation…even if a little. But yes, there is no way of really knowing. That makes the surprise comments even more powerful when they come. I guess most authors these days receive emails and letters from their fans. I don’t think Jane Austen could receive mine though. That might be a little scary. 🙂

  4. I think you hit the nail on the head. You do it for God and to serve others by sharing the gospel. That’s exactly what you do. I use your lessons in Awana, sometimes for my kids at home, sometimes for my husband and my self. Thanks! God is being glorified thru you. I have never left a comment, I’m not a blogging person.

    • Thank you SO much for your comment!! How special! And just to give you some foreshadowing of the future, I plan on adding from the New Testament with apologetics in the fall. 🙂 May the Lord work wonders in your ministry!

  5. Good attitude. One of the best things about WordPress and facebook is how they make it so easy to “like” something. It takes a fraction of a second to click the button and let the other person know we appreciate their work.
    Last week, for no reason I can uncover, a bunch of people signed up for my facebook page. I was happy and surprised; I knew it wasn’t me. But, now no one’s jumping to pile more names on my list, I’m sad and wondering if I should do more. It’s really hard to let God be in control. Success is heady stuff. Silent times are wearing.

  6. hahahahahahahah. Great article after the discussion I started yesterday! Hmmm…perhaps I will hop on the bandwagon and do one similar…/giggle

    But you hit the nail on the head—I am not out to blog for comments. I am out to just share my life and maybe my life will encourage or help someone else!

  7. Now I am all the more honored that you took the time to comment at my blog today. 🙂 as a newbie to the Crew, I’m enjoying discovering all the vastly different homeschooling families represented.

  8. This post is perfect. It puts into words the exact thoughts and feelings I’ve had over the last few months. Like you, I don’t always comment and I don’t read every blog every single day. But every time I come to FFS, I am always blessed. THANK YOU!

  9. It thrills my heart to get an honest, positive comment on something I wrote. It makes all the work seem worth it. I love your blog, and you do a great job! Your lessons are great, and they are always from the heart. So glad I’ve gotten the chance to “meet” you online!

  10. That’s me. Guilty! I read and seldom comment. I guess I feel silly just saying, well said. I liked, agreed with, or was uplifted by what you wrote. I will try to do it more but you are right, we appreciate all readers, even if they don’t comment. Still, I need to comment more! 🙂

    • Me, too Lori! I have about 10 blogs open right now so I can comment on them throughout the day. I want to do better. 🙂

  11. I agree! I want my blog to be a resource and an encouragement to other homeschoolers. It’s hard sometimes to keep writing and writing when I feel like it’s just me and no one is connecting. I do know there are many people who read who don’t comment, but it sure is nice to see those comments!

  12. This is AWESOME!! It caught my attention on FB and I just wanted to tell you that I appreciated it (and could have written something similar myself – but you put it much better ;-))

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