Two Secrets About Anger that will Change Your Parenting Forever

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How would you like to know two secrets about anger that will change your parenting forever? I never thought of myself as an angry parent, but I am. What about you? How short a fuse do you have? I’m sure you have a busy, crammed schedule. Raising one child can be stressful…and then every one you add afterwards can make the burden heavier.

secrets about anger

But kids aren’t supposed to be a burden. They are to be blessings. So how can we pull the reins on the angry outbursts that surprisingly jump out of our mouths?

I was given a copy of Pitchin’ A Fit by Israel and Brook Wayne, and I am so convicted loving it! (Kindle $9.99; paperback $11.69)

Would you agree with me that losing one’s temper is a sin? Is it? Well, Jesus got angry and he was without sin.

I’ve used that argument. But what does scripture really tell us?

Two Secrets about Anger that will Change your Parenting Forever

If I read a book, I want scripture to back up the opinions that the author is trying to relate to me. In this case, the authors FILLED the pages with scripture and the Truth about anger cannot be denied.

We get angry for a variety of reasons. Think to the last time you lost your cool. What happened? Did someone wrong you? Was a kid disrespectful? Did your plans fail? Did you hammer your thumb instead of a nail?

Secret Number One: The main reason we tend to get angry is because we are putting ourselves first.

The authors state that self-love, pride, and even unbelief are the roots that cause our anger. “Quite often, we are the center of our own little universe...We feel the most anger when the idols at the center of our lives are threatened.” (page 47)

And yet Mark 12:31 and Matthew 22:39 tell us to love our neighbor as yourself. We love ourselves. We wouldn’t want ANYONE getting angry at us…but then we become angry with those around us.

Secret Number Two: The only biblically justifiable reason to become angry is on the behalf of others.

I encourage you to search the scriptures for yourself, (or buy the book!) but this secret has totally rocked my world. “The emotion of anger (and appropriate actions resulting from it) are not only allowable, but commendable, when they are expressed against human injustice on behalf of the oppressed, or when God’s honor is mocked by the ungodly.” (page 35)

I find myself reading a few pages of this book, then sitting still and digesting the truth that was laid before me.

There is so much more practical truth to unpack from this book. And the scripture used throughout the pages of this book is alive and actively changing my view of myself, my husband, my children, and others.

Are you an angry parentIf you are tired of parenting angry, then consider joining the Family Discipleship group as we read this book and discuss these hard truths. We’ll begin the book club on April 1.

Maybe it’s time you stop pitchin’ a fit. Listen to The Shaun Tabatt Show interview with Israel and Brook Wayne.

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