When Lightening Struck! The Story of Martin Luther (Review)

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My friend Danika Cooley at ThinkingKidsblog.org has written a young adult novel based on the life of Martin Luther. I was given a copy of When Lightening Struck! to review and I have to tell you, I really think it’s great!Luther shortNot only is this a well written biography about Martin Luther, but it is an adventure story of how one life can be used by God to change the course of history. Through an “inside the head” perspective, the reader witnesses the inner struggles of a man who desperately wants to please the Lord, but is not sure that the known church was teaching biblical salvation. Danika accurately describes the church of Luther’s Day and explains theological issues in an age-appropriate way, such that teens and adults alike, will easily learn why we have protestant churches today. Plus, it’s a good story!!

The hard cover book costs $13.67 and the kindle version is $6.99.

One of the things I love about Danika is all of the research she puts into her work. You know how much I love Bible Road Trip, and this book is high quality just as BRT is.

An interviewer asked her: What did you learn from writing When Lightning Struck?

Danika responded with:

My research notes are about three times as long as the book! I learned so much about Martin Luther, the Renaissance Popes, the papacy, and the structure of medieval monastic orders. In order to tell the latter parts of the story in which the Protestant leaders were debating over the manner in which Protestants should live out their faith, I really had to study quite a bit.

She doesn’t do anything half way. I learned so much about the early church and Martin Luther. Danika has also written an amazing 12-week unit study to go along with When Lightning Struck!. This unit study is given freely to her subscribers. With the unit study, you can also find a FREE 32-page discussion guide that goes with the book.

I highly recommend this book to you…even if you don’t have young adults in your home. Throughout the book you will find footnotes that indicate quotes written or spoken by Luther or the other people featured in the book. Some I recognized, some I didn’t. I love knowing I am reading a book that wants to embrace true history from primary sources!!

Not sure who Martin Luther is? You can go read this fun cartoon from Adam4d that tells you a little more about him. It will whet your appetite to know more about this man whom God used.

When Lightening Struck! The Story of Martin Luther receives 5 out of 5 Aliens for Biography – Church History – Adventure Family Friendliness!!

5 alien awardDisclosure** Hey FFS Friend! I’ve done some different reviews over the past two weeks. I’ve done books such as this one, I did the Jesse Tree activity book, and I’ve done field trips, such as Dollywood and WonderWorks. I want to be sure I am presenting you with resources you are interested in. Are there other items you would like to see? What about giveaways? Comment below and tell me. Thanks!!

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