Who is God? The God Who Sees

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God has so many wonderful names! Some are very near and dear to our hearts. Others might sound strange and different. But each and every name of God mentioned throughout the scriptures tells us just a little bit more about our Creator. Please take five minutes out of your busy day and discover something new about the Lord who loves you.

Names of GodShe had been treated harshly by her mistress, so she fled to the desert. While weeping beside a spring, a searching voice called to her. The kind voice told her to go back to her mistress and to submit to her authority. And then the angel of the Lord spoke again telling her that she would bare a son and that He would greatly multiply his descendents. After listening to the words of the Lord and realizing that He had seen her affliction, she called out His name. She said, “You are a God Who sees.” And she marveled as to how she was still alive after being in His presence. {Genesis 16;1-15}

Thousands of years later another woman was weeping. She was sitting at her desk reading and studying the scriptures. The presence of the Lord was so sweet as He found her crying with the book of living water. The kind Spirit reminded her to always submit to the Lord who loved her. She had borne a son. He was about 3 weeks old and napping. Years earlier she would have told you that having a son was impossible, at least that is what the doctors had told her. During an emotional moment of sacrifice months before, this woman had called out to the One True God, and He had seen her affliction. And now that baby was in the other room. The presence of God was with the overwhelmed, tired, joyful woman as she realized that God had seen her.

And He revealed His name to her.

For the Hebrew name for “You are a God Who sees,” is El Roi.

And little, baby Roy slept on…


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