Who is God? THE Name

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God has so many wonderful names! Some are very near and dear to our hearts. Others might sound strange and different. But each and every name of God mentioned throughout the scriptures tells us just a little bit more about our Creator. Please take five minutes out of your busy day and discover something new about the Lord who loves you.

Names of God

A name. We each have one. Many desire to make a name for themselves. I would say, all people want to be known by name by someone. Do you feel valued if someone remembers your name?

Many parents desire to have a son so that the family name can be carried on through another generation. If there is no son, then a name dies.

Those who built the tower of Babel were wanting to make a name for themselves. They were arrogant. They wanted to be self-sufficient. And then YHWH, the Lord, the Unspeakable Name, came down and confused the languages. We cannot fathom the thought of a name being “unspeakable.” What does that even mean? Can one think the name, but just not speak it?

In 2 Samuel 6: 1-2, God is referred to as Ha-Shem, meaning The Name. And in Leviticus 24:16, we learn that anyone who blasphemes against The Name will be stoned. That seems pretty harsh! That Name must be holy, and worthy. The Jews took this seriously. So much so, they didn’t say the name, or write it.

Now think. Think of some of the words you say. Do you keep The Name holy? Or do you slip up and say the Lord’s name in vain at times. I don’t think we need to worry about calling God by His names when we are speaking to Him, or about Him to others. After all, Jesus called the Father His names. But I do believe we should check our speech.

But we also need to consider our conduct. If we take the name “Christian,” (based on the name of Christ) then there are characteristics that should be reflected in us because of that name. If we take on the name, and then dishonor it by not following God’s commands, then we are taking the Name in vain.

Instead of being like those who wanted to make a name for themselves, Christians take on the identity of the Elohiym, the Creator God, who made them. Our identity should be in Ha-Shem.

Reader, are you willing to lose your name, and take up His? Deny yourself, and take up the cross?

May others see Ha-Shem in you today.

Is there any change you need to make so that His name is holy in you?

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