Why I Cry During Church

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I really didn’t expect Sunday morning to go as it did. It seemed normal enough. In fact, it was quite peaceful. The kids got dressed in a timely fashion and we were only about five minutes late. We dropped the kids off at Sunday School and my husband and I went to our own Sunday School class.


But God isn’t normal.

In fact, God is beyond, beyond the supernatural.

In the middle of Sunday School, I asked a question based upon a struggle I have had lately. I had no idea of the magnitude of the power of the Spirit that would envelope me.

Christian, if you are honest with me, would you state that you struggle with some sort of sin? I do. And it bothers me that over and over and over I succumb to this sin. And it bothers me that in my Bible I read that if I love the Lord, then I will obey His commandments.

And yet I sin.


So perhaps I don’t love the Lord as much as I should.

This realization breaks my heart….and so I cry. I started to cry as my friends rallied around me with encouraging words during the Sunday School time.

Then I went into the church service. We began to worship through song. It was great, as always. Then we sang, “How Great The Father’s Love For Us,” and all I could do was lift my hand as the tears fell. And they fell.

That He should give His Only Son To make a wretch his treasure…”

It was my sin that held Him there…”

Then my Lord spoke to me as clear as if He was sitting right beside me. “You love me enough, because I love you more.”

The congregation began to sing “God sent His Son…He came to love, heal, and forgive. Because He lives I can face tomorrow…”

I wept. Because all I could do was wash His feet with my tears and wipe them with my hair.

I love my Jesus. I love Him with my whole heart. But even that does not compare to the magnitude of the love He showers upon me each and every day.

Do I sin against Him? Unfortunately, yes. Habitually. And the longer I live, the more I realize the awfulness of my sins. But His grace is sufficient for me.

And so I will cry. Unashamedly, I will cry in church, in Sunday School, in my home, with my sisters in Christ…because I do not deserve even to breathe because of the sin that blackens my heart.

Yet, because HE lives, because God sees the pure blood of Jesus upon my soul, because Jesus lives, I can face tomorrow. I can face tomorrow with peace, confidence, power, and determination.

And that is worth shedding tears of joy.

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Why I Cry During Church — 3 Comments

  1. IT’S OK TO STRUGGLE…I FEEL MYSELF I AM NOT WORTHY THE BE A CHILD OF GOD’S….. MY FAVORITE SONG IS…BECAUSE HE LIVE I CAN FACE TOMORROW…BECAUSE HE LIVES ALL FEAR IS GONE…BECAUSE I KNOW HE HOLDS THE FUTURE ….if we never sin after we become Christians he would not have had to send JESUS TO FORGIVE OUR SIN…..this is GODS GRACE AND LOVE FOR US……yes we are to try and not repeat sin….but Jesus knows we are humans….that’s why we ask him everyday to forgive us…..sin is sin….not matter what type it is…and it all weighs the same on Gods scale…..I do something everyday that displeases my Father…where it is something I say..; eat unhealthy ….don’t share his love to others….and tell them how to become to know him…..or just negative thoughts in my own mind…..but at the end of the day and many times during the day I have to bow my hear and PRAY O MY GREAT LORD OF LORDS PLEASE FORGIVE MY SINFUL WAYS….AND HE WIPES IT CLEAN….WOW….what amazing grace……I WILL BE PRAYING FOR YOU AS YOU STRUGGLE…BUT YOU ARE SO NOT ALONE….IF WE BREATH WE ARE SINFUL…..LOVE YOUYOU

  2. Powerful post! I cry in church service too sometimes. It is when I am humbled by His closeness, His presence, His immense grace and I am so grateful. I guess those tears are tears of gratitude. I love the thought that we are the alabaster box. There is a lot of good things, a lot of beautiful things in us, a lot of precious things in us. We must break ourselves and pour out ourselves out onto the feet of Jesus. He takes our sacrifice, blesses us then puts us back together and fills us up again. Thank you for this beautiful post!

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